Ebook or paper book?

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Re: Ebook or paper book?

Post by review-specialist »

I absolutely love the feel of a good read in my hands so I would say paperbook. However, these days I settle for ebooks because they are much more accessible to me :D
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Debra Crawford
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Post by Debra Crawford »

I go between both! I cant go completely digital because I do love holding books and physically turning the pages, but sometimes digital is helpful when im on a trip and easy to pack!
Cecily Johnson
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Post by Cecily Johnson »

I love actual books, but after a while my husband has been sure they would take over the house, so I have gone to buying e books
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Post by asteel18 »

I like e-readers for fiction. If it's something like a cookbook, educational text, or similar I prefer a hard copy. E-readers are fantastic for having a collection of books on one tiny device. I resisted at first but then was sucked in. I still have my first Kindle although it's used as a spare. I loved the fact that I could go forward or back a page from either side of the device (hold a mug of tea in one hand, use my other to turn the page...weird I know). Mybe there's a version out there that still does this.
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Post by Damilolo1 »

Hi there! :tiphat:
I 100% believe that paper books are much better than ebooks (you can't really call it a page-turner if you aren't turning pages :eusa-think: ). I just love the feel of a good book in my hand and having to use a torch to read when there's no power (I live in Nigeria by the way).
However, even though I really love paper books (and I really love them), I currently depend heavily on ebooks. This is only because in Nigeria it's hard to find a good book store that sells the type of genre I read. Most of the books being sold are either motivational books, spiritual books..., basically nothing fun. So it's much easier for me to buy the book online and read it electronically.
Such is the sad tale of my life. Cursed to read ebooks. :( :( :(
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Lynda Howard
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Post by Lynda Howard »

I read a lot of ebooks as they are so easy to acquire, but I still prefer paperback as I love to hold a book whilst reading, as well as keep them on the bookshelf afterward.
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I used to be the old school paper book lover until recently. I've started reading more of ebooks because I tend to finish books faster when I read them in soft copies.
Lungelo Mhlongo
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Post by Lungelo Mhlongo »

A bit of both actually for me, when I'm traveling I prefer an ebook because it's just simpler that way, but in the comfort of my home I really enjoy the feel of a paperbook plus the smell is to die for!
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Post by YokaiiReader »

Paperback for sure. There's nothing like holding a book in your hands and having that old paper smell as you turn the pages. My eyes hurt a lot when I look at the screen so reading an E-book doesn't work well for me. But on the hand I can definitely see the appeal of reading an E-book due to space. It saves you a lot of space in your house, especially if you live in a small apartment with barely any space.
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Post by Esthermanshop »

For now, I prefer an eBook. Its easily accessible to me any day any time, anywhere. And it wouldn't get lost or stolen.
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Post by Miracle Chidera 1 »

Definitely, an ebook for me. It's pocket friendly an I have access to a whole lot of books. Guess the only disadvqntage is when I'm in the middle of a book and my phone's battery runs out.
Chidinma Liz
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Post by Chidinma Liz »

Before now, I purchase books on paperbacks, so I got a bunch of it on my shelve at home. All I do, is lend them. Now I have a device that accesses ebooks, makes my reading easier and multiple, plus I don't have to liter my house with books. Thanks to advanced tech.
George Henry 1
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Post by George Henry 1 »

eBooks makes it easier to carry my own library in my pocket and easily access my books anywhere, that is so long as I'm with my phone.

But there's a vibe and easily found concentration that comes from reading a hardcover that you can't just get from an electronic format book.

So I would say, both have their merits.
Claire Goeldner
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Post by Claire Goeldner »

I prefer paper books in general, but sometimes those books are unavailable at the library, and I don't want to buy them, so I look online. They are also more portable and customizable (e.g., dark paper, font size, multiple bookmarks). When I do use ebooks, I get them on the Libby app.
Bridgette C 2
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Post by Bridgette C 2 »

I prefer paper book - the actual book, I mean. I like to touch books and sniff it😅...

I don't prefer ebook much because I don't want my eyes to be strained. I also get headache if I'm too exposed to my phone reading ebook.
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