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Use this forum to discuss the May 2022 Book of the month, "The Maestro Monologue: Discover your Genius, Defeat your intruder, Design your destiny" by Rob White.
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Re: $1,000 Ad-Creation Contest | Free to Enter!

Post by tarafarah7 »

This is so kind and generous of you! Thank you and best if luck, everyone!! :-)
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Mir Nayeem Ul Haq
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Post by Mir Nayeem Ul Haq »

Thank you so much. This is amazing.
Jerome Johannes
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Post by Jerome Johannes »

Awsome share and follow as it's a awsome book payment for introduction should be more than mutually beneficial collaberations Is key .........
Lindelani Nyandeni
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Post by Lindelani Nyandeni »

Looking forward on winning🥳
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Vusumuzi Dube
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Post by Vusumuzi Dube »

I'm entering this contest.
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Post by ItsEffinSteph »

Oof so basically if you don't have a big following on social media or don't know anyone who does who can share it for you or don't have hundreds to thousands of friends who are willing to share/retweet it and if they don't have social media are willing to make accounts or don't have the money to pay someone with a big following to tweet/share it to their followers you're SOL? Haha. Nice of you to do this but i'm broke, don't use social media much and I don't have many followers so i'd be lucky to get one or two likes and retweets 🤣.. I mean it'd be really nice to get much needed money but basically i'd just be wasting my time tbh since this seems to be made for people with a huge following. If it was a contest for just the best advertisement and not how much attention it gets i'd be all in 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good luck to everyone who did enter tho ❤️
Dhanwatee Sahadeo
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Post by Dhanwatee Sahadeo »

Thanks very much
Atlas Kanogwere
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Post by Atlas Kanogwere »

Reading it's my passion , winning it's everyone goal and if I win I will read more
Infinity Zero
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Post by Infinity Zero »

That's a good way to encourage people.
Le Tan Xuong
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Post by Le Tan Xuong »

When is the next one? And will there be more rewards for participating? I would like to be recognized for art work and possibly use it for future purposes like maybe the book printed using my art! :)
Danielle Kirsten
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Post by Danielle Kirsten »

definitely gonna share this!
Ebi Robert
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Post by Ebi Robert »

This is interesting, I must say. I became aware of this of late.
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Dinma Amara1
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Post by Dinma Amara1 »

It's sad that I'm seeing this post just now. 😔
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Post by gildafarrell »

i posted my entry in the group, my name's aria tirone! :) had so much fun designing it and the book is wonderful, 10/10 recommend. i can see why it is the may book of the month.
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Post by Michaeljerry309 »

oh wow i’ll try and see what i can do for this contest! thank you!!

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