Featured Official Review: The Day I Broke My Brain

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Re: Featured Official Review: The Day I Broke My Brain

Post by FictionLover » 23 Jun 2018, 16:25

Wow, when I saw the title of this book, I had to read your review. For some reason, I was expecting something different from the title. I was just talking to someone about traumatic brain injuries. I don't have time to read this one now, but I am going to put it on my TBR shelf.
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Post by AT6 » 23 Jun 2018, 18:58

This book made known that every opportunity must be taken. Opportunity comes but once. Kudos!

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Post by RishyR » 23 Jun 2018, 21:27

Great review... it definitely has me thinking twice about what the author would have had to go though and the struggle, not just for himself, but for his family.
Seems like this is a book worth reading.

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Post by AWANDO OGUTU » 24 Jun 2018, 08:10

The book emphasizes on not taking your health for granted. Human beings often concentrate on other life aspects at the expense of their personal health.

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Post by pinchess07 » 24 Jun 2018, 18:42

I'm definitely checking this out. There are times when I just wanna be emotional, you know? And I figure, those emotions are often negative, but a positive read would divert that and break this cycle of self-destruction I've got going on. I could fill my head with positivity instead of drowning in ugly thoughts. I don't often read non-fiction, but every once in a while I stumble over something worth reading. And it seems like this is one of them.

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Post by MisOlena » 24 Jun 2018, 22:39

I am very would like to read this book and then review it.

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Post by AWANDO OGUTU » 25 Jun 2018, 11:13

At times, all may seem well, we may look wealthy yet something terrible maybe cancer is developing within us. The book advocates for healthy living and advices readers to never leave their life for granted.

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Post by Nerea » 25 Jun 2018, 14:10

Quite informative and convincing review.
Something I liked about the book, which you even mentioned is it brings out the idea that we need not to judge others based on what we see because we have no idea of the pangs they are experiencing in life. Real life lesson.
Thank you for the nice review.

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Post by Gene_capunay » 25 Jun 2018, 19:17

Sometimes, life goes wrong but we should always look it in a positive way. This book says that money can't buy life because health is wealth.

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Post by starlight79 » 26 Jun 2018, 10:29

Thank you for the review. I am a special education teacher and have worked with several students with TBI. Having a more inside track in understanding what they are going through would really be helpful. As a mother of young children a quick read is a must. I will be sure to check this one out.

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Post by NSehra » 26 Jun 2018, 21:16

Great review! The book sounds really intriguing. I dig such books which forces one to think deeply, makes one value what he has. You only understand how important your health is when it starts deteriorating.

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Post by Soraya26 » 27 Jun 2018, 00:41

Amazing book . Really gets on the feeling of the brain & informs you a lot

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Post by AWANDO OGUTU » 27 Jun 2018, 00:41

The author advises against strenuous physical exercises. He used to go for daily physical exercise upon returning home from work. He breaks his head when he goes for mountain riding that he strongly advises against doing.

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Post by klwoodford » 27 Jun 2018, 02:56

Thank you for the telling review! I find this book interesting and you are absolutely correct, traumatic brain injuries do not get talked about often, but they have the capability of completely changing a person's personality! I have a B.S. in Psychology and am working on an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I find the brain and its workings fascinating. If anyone is interested in the impact or traumatic brain injuries I urge them to look into the case of Phineus Gage! As for the book reviewed, I think I'll put it on my 'to read' list and check it out. 😃

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Post by maryjoydalisay23 » 27 Jun 2018, 04:00

:oops: One of the amazing book i’ve ever seen before the title is so amazing and base on the book for me the author is so great for choosing the title 😍 We must never over ruin those things in life we must go with the flow pf it no matter what happened happens. Love it!

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