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Review of Medical Diver

Post by Tony Official »

[Following is an official review of "Medical Diver" by Len Starbeck.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Medical Diver by Len Starbeck gives an account of the author's life. Len served in the United States Navy for twenty-eight years before retiring. This book details his adventures as an Independent Medical Diver and a tactical medic for over three decades. This book is dedicated to his wife and son, who were both supportive of his career.

A medical diver practices medicine under pressure in a recompression chamber. In this book, readers will learn about deep-sea diving and diving at extreme altitudes, neuro examinations, safety measures, and other interesting health concepts.

I knew I would revisit this book after I read the first chapter. This is an educative piece that Starbeck has strung together. I learned about dolphins and the security they offer at sea. There is a comprehensive neuro-examination checklist in this book. The author's tales about navy school and initiations got me interested in this book. Something else I admired was how the author narrated both the good and bad sides of his experiences. He wrote about the risk of being denied his license as a person who had gone to jail. He also wrote about the numerous injuries and implants he had during his career. I like that he did not mask his vulnerability and assume a superhero status. It was nice to read about different angles of his life. Apart from being an educative read, I enjoyed the adventurous tone used in this book; an example would be when he wrote about having nine flights in thirty-three hours.

Themes like capitalism and discrimination stood out for me. A set of workers were paid forty dollars daily through an official, but these workers only received two dollars, which wasn't up to ten percent of what was given to them. Different countries uphold different views. While nursing is seen as a great profession, some countries look down on it because of the number of females seen in this field.

Some of the narrations were not easy to follow because of the highly technical terms used. This is the only negative aspect I encountered with this book. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It was exceptionally well-edited, as I didn't encounter errors. In addition, it was educating and entertaining. When I reread some chapters, I was able to follow up with the author's writing. I did not deduct a star from my rating because of these.

I recommend this book to readers interested in the navy school and medical diving. If you like health-related books, you will enjoy reading this.

Medical Diver
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Post by smoothcrowd »

An informative book indeed. Although, sadly, I'm not one to do with medicine in any way. I do have a lot of people I can recommend the book to though.
Thanks for the review.
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Post by Marsha JJ »

As a diver, this looks like a book that would be an interesting one to check out. Thanks for the review.
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Ashley Wood 2
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Post by Ashley Wood 2 »

That sounds like a cool book to read. I am not a diver, but I love reading books about stories about the ocean. :D :D
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Post by Etini Willie »

Corruption, greed and self-seeking has become the bane of our society now. How can people be receiving 2 dollars from a contracted 40 dollars. I would love to read this book. Nice review
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Post by Cocobutta »

It’s always interesting to see books that highlight the different views that countries have on professions. I normally don’t read medical books but this is an excellent review. Thank you.
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Post by Sarah Sonbol »

It's my first time to hear about such a job. This seems to be a really wonderful and adventurous job. Great review.
Jerome Johannes
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Post by Jerome Johannes »

Medical diver by Len is a awsome book deserves all the energy does whst he loves for his family. Inspiring supporting through he's love for educational medical diving Experianced ...well done brilliant reviews to all ...
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Post by Sally77motors »

An interesting and educative read, I would make sure to add this book to my shelf as I'm curious about the author's jail experience and why he was jailed. Also, I can attest to the fact that nursing is overlooked and under paid in my due to the number of females involved as this is what happens in my country.
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Post by Uwe Neufeld »

I' m still wondering how paragraph number 4 fitts into this review. Besides of this, a fine review.
Idjo Despotis
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Post by Idjo Despotis »

knowing about diving and living in deep sea make me wonder. This book talking about expertise and experiences of who will be brave heart, dangerous life as well. This review has been completely.
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Post by Wamala Elijah »

It is an intriguing and educative read, I would try to add this book to my shelf as I'm interested about the writer's prison experience and why he was imprisoned. Likewise, I can validate the way that nursing is disregarded and come up short on because of the quantity of females required as this occurs in my country.
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Post by Gnex_09 »

It’s interesting to know that some courses are better rated than others. This sounds like an interesting book
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Shikevioni latham
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Post by Shikevioni latham »

It’s very informative and intriguing to read about the author’s jail experience. I will look more into this book.
Fred Adam
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Post by Fred Adam »

very interesting and compelling, as I've just started a degree course in criminology and thus much interested in the writer's prison experience and why he was imprisoned.
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