Featured Official Review: The Miracle by James M. LeBlanc

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Re: Featured Official Review: The Miracle by James M. LeBlanc

Post by moonopam »

This was a nice review. The author provide a good example that it is possible to come out of drug addiction through trust in God. For every problem there is always a way out.

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Post by derialist »

It's a daunting task for a person to redeem himself from deep-seated addiction. The Christian perspective adopted by the book is well evident, and I can't help imagine the author's disbelief when he sought God as the last resort and it was the best decision he made for his life. That ought to have surprised him. I like the overall message of the book and the little doses of life lessons interspersed throughout the book.

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Hrithik Laskar
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Post by Hrithik Laskar »

The book was good as we say every problems has its solutions it might god or you if you are determine to leave any addictions you can do it only matters is that you can control your mind or not .Gods can only show us the right path but its us who have to walk through it

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kiberu Ronald
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Post by kiberu Ronald »

The author's trust and resort to God in the hard times of drug addiction have proved helpful. In any hard situation God's mercy and help is always there to help us

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Post by leylahmarie »

God always intervenes for his children and truly, you cannot be loved if you do not appreciate yourself. Am happy that the author's life took a turn, for the best. Great review

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Post by tiese1 »

When you are dealing with issues that can be interpreted by the environment like laziness or your choice it is hard to keep your head up. It is inspiring to see how someone can overcome addiction and not feel guilty that he had to go through it. We need more books like this.

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Post by C Austin »

Very insightful review. The emotions the reviewer portrayed seems like only a drop in the bucket of what the actual book contains.

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Post by Mabodho+din »

Thank you for such a beautiful review. I want to read this book.

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Post by Fasmin »

This seems to be a book that shows us that it is circumstances that create people who do/ have done any wrong.

Thank you for the tempting review.
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Post by Fahad Baibras »

I have seen people ruin their whole life and family in drug addiction and we can pray that they find the same miracle in their life as LeBlanc did,
Enjoyed your style of review.

Alice Ngugi
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Post by Alice Ngugi »

I love a book that illuminates the everyday struggles of average human beings, and the strength that we have when it comes to overcoming it. Would love to read LeBlanc's story and cheer him on too. Great review

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Post by Kyhm »

I really like books with lots of lessons in them. This review caught my attention and it made me want to read the book. I definitely will!

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Post by Nduthu43 »

I wonder if addicted people change or just withdraw. I ask this because more often I see people regress.

But one can change completely, this is good and can inspire others faced with similar challenges.

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Post by Fliesie01 »

This is a very informative review. I can see that you really enjoyed the book. It also makes me want to read it. Thank you for sharing the review in so much detail without giving anything away.

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Post by Mahafuza »

I would love to learn about people's that suffer from addiction inner fights and the way they see the world.

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