The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.

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Re: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.

Post by bluegreenmarina » 10 Feb 2017, 22:57

This is my favorite book of all time. I've read it 4 or 5 times in 2 different languages. I had such a crush on the count when I was younger hahah :lol:

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Post by TrishVincent80 » 18 Mar 2017, 12:43

This is on my to read list. I have seen the movie, I thought it was great, but as I said I have not read the book so I have nothing to compare it to.

I originally became interested in this book because it was featured on the show "Wishbone". I absolutely loved that show as a kid. It was a great way to get kids interested in classic books.

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Post by Kitkat3 » 18 Apr 2017, 20:33

The Count of Monte Cristo is also one of my favorites. I really wanted to read the unabridged version as well and bought a copy, but I lost it before I got to read it. :cry2: I really liked Dante and felt sorry for him. I rooted for him and hoped that he would get his revenge. What really made the book powerful for me was the ending and the moral of the story. It was the first classic book that I really connected with. The plot was so intense and the subplots were so intricately woven in. Plus, the writing was so eloquent and lyrical.

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Post by Dh_ » 18 Apr 2017, 20:41

Jretting wrote:I had to read this book when I was a sophmore in high school, and I'm glad I did, it's my favorite book. The lengths Dantes has to go to to fully gain his revenge is at times painful. I read the unabridged version, and I still have it in my closet.
So did I! At that time, I wasn't interested in classics and dreaded having to read it. I was surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed the book. I loved the details and how every part of it seemed so well thought out. I'm glad my school had us read this.
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Post by Bookworm39 » 22 Apr 2017, 22:22

I love The Count of Monte Cristo. I read the book in 4th grade and loved it. I have reread it many times. I do like the movie that came out. It might not have been by the book but it was still good.

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Post by razain » 26 Apr 2017, 14:25

It is the great book I read this one year ago

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Post by Steph K » 27 Apr 2017, 15:57

I really love The Count of Monte Cristo, it's one of my favorite books. I also really love the latest film adaptation. It's tough to decide which I like more. I do think the film treats Mercedes kinder than the book,

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Post by Rattusv » 28 Apr 2017, 00:03

One of my all time favorite stories. The Count of Monte Cristo was originally published in the Journal des Débats in eighteen parts. What a great way to generate sales and keep the audience begging for more!

If you like Japanese anime check out Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (Japanese: 巌窟王 Hepburn: Gankutsuō?, literally The King of the Cavern) is an anime series loosely based on Alexandre Dumas's classic French novel, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo.

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Post by Mar Watercolor » 02 May 2017, 10:14

This book is a masterpiece. I read it many years ago and then I read the original version. Like three times. I still have it always close. And underlined, written down and marked everywhere, all together with Cyrano, some of Umberto Eco and of course, Dracula VO. Thank you for this post, I loved reading it :)
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Post by jemgirl202 » 18 May 2017, 10:01

I cannot describe my love for Dumas! The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all time favorites! I first read it when I was 14, visiting my Grandparents house. Everyday I would go outside and read and at lunch my Grandfather would ask me about it. I would be so excited and just go into a long rant about the section I just read.

I just recently read The Black Count by Tom Reiss which is a biography of Alexander Dumas' father who greatly inspired many parts of his works. I found it fascinating and if you are a fan of Dumas I suggest you check it out!

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Post by BookishBookkeeping » 21 May 2017, 21:45

When I first encountered this book, I was in my highschool library and amongst the stacks they had an unabridged version. Upon checkout all the students there looked at me as if I was crazy for wanting to read a book with more than 200 pages. Says a lot about our school system, but that's another topic. So here I was trying to read through this monstrous book constantly feeling like I'm in the deep end of the pool and trying to touch the bottom but I couldn't.
I swam to page 600 or so and stopped. I had to finish my school year and sadly the book was put aside. I waited several years and again started and stopped at about page 600. Then two years later for the third time I picked it up and finally finished. Let me tell you ..WOW!! This book was worth the three tries.
Someone earlier made a comment about each time you read it you see another side of the story you hadn't before. This is so true of the book. Not only with Edmund but with Mercedes as well and most of the other characters too.
Dumas masterfully intertwined each complex person, relationship, circumstance, and action to give even JRR Tolkien a run for his money. The only thing I wish was for a better knowledge of the French language. I know I lost so much of the story as I struggled with the names, places, and French idioms.
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Post by vilana74 » 26 Jun 2017, 18:26

Well, if you are like me and grew up in the USSR, you absolutely must have read all of Dumas (father and son) book. No way out of it.
I've read Count after I've read all the Musketeers' adventures. I was about 12 by then. I loved it. I loved it till the end. The revenge and what to do with it are the themes of the story. I remember I 'swallowed' the book within a few days.
However, much later, when trying to persuade my daughter to read Dumas I picked up the book again... and could not go beyond page 1 (be it in English or in Russian)... I found it extremely tagging and difficult to read.
I guess, each book has to happen at the right time.

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Post by bluegreenmarina » 28 Jun 2017, 21:30

The first time I read this book, I was 11 and I read it in Russian... it was actually broken up into 2 books because of its length in that language. I read it again at age 15 or 16 in English and then again in my early 20s. At age 30 I listened to it on audiobook... it is my favorite novel by far and the level of detail and the twists and characters are just... unmatched. I haven't ever found anything else like it and I read so much.

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Post by Christina Rose » 10 Aug 2017, 06:43

RuqeeD wrote:
Va_treehugger wrote:Have not read the book yet but I love, Love, LOVE the movie that came out in 2002. My entire family loved it. I got the feeling that it stayed true to the book. Anyone know how true it was?
I actually thought the movie was rubbish and barely kept with the greatness of the book. It's because I read the book first and then I watched the movie and thought....what the hell are they playing at? Sorry to be so blunt but it just bugged me how awful the movie was but that's just me. :D
I just tried to watch this movie the other day, and just could not get into it. The book was amazing, and I had high hopes for the film, but was instead disappointed. Normally, I enjoy the movie even though the book will always be a better version, but with The Count of Monte Cristo, the movie lacked so much!

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Post by Rey Juaton » 14 Aug 2017, 06:08

I really loved this classic! I have ready this book when I was in high school. What I loved most in the book is that it is full of adventure and events that are unpredictable that every time you read it, you are filled with excitement to move forward because you want to know what's next.

I have to agree, that there is no better experience than reading it by yourself. Those portrayed in the movies are ridiculously different in many aspects.

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