Let's talk: Fahrenheit 451

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Alli K
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Re: Let's talk: Fahrenheit 451

Post by Alli K » 07 Mar 2015, 23:08

I had to read this for school and I loved it! I love reading dystopian novels.

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Post by macord234 » 07 Apr 2015, 10:36

So I had to read this book for my senior class and I had several questions that I had about the book.
- What was Guy Montag's reasoning behind for reading the poem book to the ladies? Was there a deeper meaning to reading the book to them?
- Why was Captain Beaty using the verses in his "dream" to confuse Montag? And how was he able to use these quotes so effectively from people he should not have ever heard of?
I would like some help answering these questions, the more opinions the merrier!

-- 20 Apr 2015, 11:26 --

Next few questions;
Why were the alarms only called at night?
Why would Captain Beatty want to die?
if I could get some help that would be wonderful!

-- 20 Apr 2015, 11:31 --

And finally,
Why would Captain Beatty think that Montag was hiding books even before he takes the bible?
Why did his wife, Mildred, let him continue to read the poem book even though she knew that she would lose everything?
Any opinions that anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

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Post by godreaujea » 06 May 2017, 16:31

Ryan wrote:I'm about to start reading this. I love the concept and it's very relevant to society today with fewer people reading than ever. I think I'm going to enjoy it :)
Me right now!

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Post by CarrieMe » 08 May 2017, 23:28

It's definitely a great book. I read it in one of my middle school English classes, and I feel like that was a good age for it. It's got a pretty strong and important message for that age group.
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Post by BookishBookkeeping » 22 May 2017, 19:40

Hate the notion of any society burning books but let's face it we sure are heading that way with most of us accomplishing Netflix marathons.
This book is a good sci-fi eye opener to a world where men and women think its better to not have books. And the masses just gobble it up as long as you provide them their speaking walls and pills. Hopefully this is not our future.
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Post by Storygamer88 » 05 Jun 2017, 17:05

I know its significance and studied it a lot in school, but I really hate this book. It just feels so absurd in so many ways, and I just dont find the plot all that interesting. I think it does raise some interesting questions, but I think its unpleasant reading material for me made it not as enjoyable, and I prefer the way other books bring up thought provoking questions without being so extreme.
Hi all. I like board games, card games, video games, books (especially children's books and mysteries), stories, cartoons, anime, manga, light novels, animation, and other light-hearted, fun things. Feel free to message if you want to chat!
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Post by Jesalison » 05 Jun 2017, 17:11

I read this book alongside my daughter this past school year. It was required reading in one of her courses. I wouldn't describe myself as a sci-fi fan, but definitely a fan of this book.

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Natalie Charlene
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Post by Natalie Charlene » 08 Jun 2017, 19:45

This is such a difficult question!! I am a bit over protective of all of my books, and the idea of all but one getting burned, even hypothetically, makes me a tad queasy. While I would like to keep all of them, I would say if I had to pick one, I would pick Undeniable by Bill Nye. It is both educational and entertaining, and I think I would be just fine reading it over and over again.

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Post by ButterscotchCherrie » 19 Jul 2017, 05:38

I love this book for the way it balances the tension between creating and destroying, and the insights it provides into man-made distractions that mesmerize society. It's interesting to see where it was prophetic - TVs get bigger all the time in a way that is very reminiscent of Bradbury's parlor walls, while the ads on the Internet can certainly be also intrusive as those that Bradbury depicts!

Gosh, I have no idea which ONE book I would save ... this one, or Orwell's 1984, to warn us where we could end up if we're not careful? Or maybe "The Demon-Haunted World - Science as a Candle in the Dark" by Carl Sagan - essential reading for the post-truth era.

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Post by Afuglsan » 21 Jul 2017, 13:21

I love this book! I think it's crazy that we have this amazing, thought provoking classic, and I feel like this is where we are headed! Everyone is getting offended at everything these days, and the banned book lists keep growing! We may just end up in something like this. That being said, I don't think I could hide just one book. I'd be the old lady settin myself on fire in the porch with my collection.
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Post by MindyW » 21 Jul 2017, 20:04

The idea of being the embodiment of a book is reminiscent of the tribes whom, even today, pass on oral stories just as they had been given. Though they are mostly over looked by scholars, these people know that it is their duty to pass on the stories exactly as they had began. To be a story, as if a book in a collective library hive, is a romantic idea. Though I would not envy whomever was the War and Peace. Personally, I would not mind being the Bible or the Torah.

Mindy V. :tiphat:

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Post by maiamalanee » 04 Aug 2017, 23:03

I first read Fahrenheit 451 when I found a copy of it on my grandfather's bookshelf. I fell in love with it right away. As someone who loves books, the idea of burning books was astonishing, but it intrigued me. I don't know how many times I have read the book. I have always wondered how the ending could be different or how it could continue if there was ever another book written.

If I could save one book, it would be Anne of Green Gable.
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Post by myplatter » 08 Aug 2017, 19:09

Its Sci-fi filled.Lots of thrills.Its my type.

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Reuben 92
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Post by Reuben 92 » 07 Sep 2017, 03:32

This book was truly chilling to read - I shuddered at the thought of all books being burned :shock: It was really well written too, it kept my interest the whole way, and was a well examined concept.
"Every reader is, while he is reading, the reader of his own self. The writer's work is merely a kind of optical instrument which he offers to the reader to enable him to discern what...he would perhaps never have perceived in himself."
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Post by AbbyGNelson » 18 Jan 2018, 19:22

There are so many new technologies that remind me of this story. Apple's AirPods are like the seashells mentioned in the story. Samsung just announced a new TV at CES called 'The Wall' which is a 146in TV that is suppose to take up the space of the entire wall. Mass media is encroaching more and more into our lives.

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