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Re: Romeo and Juliet

Post by TobiOrNotTobi »

sissybear wrote:Wow, I thought there would be a lot more people who liked Romeo and Juliet.......
ahahaha, you are in for a treat....
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Post by Brandi Noelle »

I love Shakespeare and "Romeo and Juliet" is one of my favorites. It's sort of a guilty pleasure because I enjoy the blossoming of young love and the complexity of the animosity between the Montagues & Capulets that threatens to shatter their new romance. Romeo & Juliet are not unlike teenagers today. Romeo is fickle in love, his heart snagged instantly by a beautiful face. Juliet doesn't hesitate to begin crushing on this handsome boy, tickled pink by his flirtatious admirations. Weren't we all as silly when in the throes of puppy love as teens? Their romance becomes intense and obsessive rather quickly, leading them to make desperate (and eventually, tragic) choices. But, that is Shakespeare in a nutshell. Intense love. Obsession. Tragedy. Gotta love it!

The Irmuun
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Post by The Irmuun »

it's makes me wonder how can they were just 13 years old...

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Post by CaitlinGonya »

I am not a fan of Romeo and Juliet. I admire the lovers for trying to leave their families to be together, but then they killed themselves. I feel that if you love someone and they love you, then both of you want the other to live and find a way to be happy.

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Post by baley »

we cant overstate it, it is undeniable how that story curves and likeness relationships.

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Post by Barnett24 »

I actually love romeo and Juliet this was a olay I read in high school I love the plot and everything about the story line it's was one of my favorite especially there love for one another I loved there connection to each other overall I good read :D

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Post by dhwanis »

I didn't really enjoy this as much as the other works. But I did like the dark humor and the sarcasm that was so apparent in the work.

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Post by Rashid Sadique »

I really enjoyed the book alot.Infact its one of the best I ever read.

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Post by MFaught002 »

I watched and read the book on Romeo and Juliet although it was a very long movie and book i found it to be very intriguing I mean it was hard for me to read at first but after a while i got the hang of it the way he detailed things how he made you feel as if you was the person you was readying about it showed not only war and hatred but also love and commitment i found it to be a pretty marvelous book

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Post by SPasciuti »

Yeah...I've strongly disliked Romeo and Juliet for a long time.

Romeo and Juliet ruined Romeo and Juliet for me.

I remember when I was young thinking that it was such a great story mainly due to the reception it had received for such a very long time. It was natural, then, that I saw it as the most amazing love story and them as the most in love lovers. And then I read the play. It was such a massive let down to realize not only were they ridiculously young and naive, but Romeo had been in love with her cousin and lamenting the fact that she did not love him back literally hours before he met Juliet.

Everything was downhill from there for me, though I do enjoy retellings of the story. My favorite is a movie called Leprechauns and it's honestly quite wonderful.

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Post by Jessie118 »

I always loved reading Romeo and Juliet in school. I felt as if I learned new information every time because there were so many details that were not easy to spot. The story is beautiful, romantic and tragic, leaving the reader emotional.

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Post by Written Legalist »

Romeo and Juliet was written when Shakespeare was young and not as matured in his playerwrighting abilities. I don’t like it as much, but I do like that Shakespeare himself made fun of it. The ending play of Midsummer Night’s Dream is a clear reference to Romeo and Juliet, but it’s satirized for comedic effect. There’s two lovers who can’t be together, and Shakespeare was able to make fun of it. I love it
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Post by Sadia Sheikh 78692 »

I do love the book. Book I have mixed reviews on it. It is true that in them days marriage was of upmost importance. So it’s better she marry someone she fell in love with within 3 days rather than someone she disliked. But even I feel the ending was overdramatic although to push the point of the feuding families it was necessary

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Post by ssdn 2009 »

I personally didn't like the book, the reason being their intense feelings, connection, bond, love, commitment sounds to be so overdramatic. It sounds like a fairy tail and this is so stupid to decide to marry someone you don't even know properly and just met. It's an emotional and overwhelmed story with a lot of confusion in itself being called a story. Sounds like a superficial, so called and temporary feelings.

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Post by uyky »

I read it in high school and genuinely liked it. It's lovely. But I do prefer Hamlet, which is the only other book I read from Shakespeare. I should probably fix that, since I do like him :eusa-think:

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