Flowers in the Attic and Petals in the Wind

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Re: Flowers in the Attic and Petals in the Wind

Post by bardgirl »

I was a strange kid. Flowers In The Attic was my first VC Andrews book. I borrowed it from my sister without telling her when I was elementary school. I never got around to watching the movie. Maybe one day I'll check it out.

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Post by Sisildi »

I read a few VC Andrews books in Junior High, starting with Flowers and I have to say that I was left with a creepy/disturbed feeling pretty much after all of them. The worst was My Sweet Audrina...that is just one weird book. I do remember feeling that Flowers was the best book out all the ones VC Andrews actually wrote. I recently did a re-read of Flowers and there were a lot of little things that I either missed or didn't remember. I will give it to Andrews for being able to telling a decent, albeit messed up story. I did read somewhere that Flowers was based on a real story she heard while staying in the hospital when she was young. I don't know at this point if I would recommend Flowers in the Attic as YA read though.

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Post by Naomi »

I was just thinking about this book yesterday and had no idea it was based on a real story....whoa

I also read this as a teen it was my first real "adult" book, I'd had enough of Sweet Valley High :) I remember being just a little bit wierded out by it. But I would like to read it again now that I'm older.

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Post by andern08 »

Despite the "horror" within the book I find that the author made such and impact that even decades after reading it I can still recall the emotions that her word could create and that I find beautiful in her ability and talent. She made an impact on me in my teens that has followed me into adulthood.

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Post by amybo82 »

Flowers in the Attic was definitely not what I was expecting! It left me feeling odd and somewhat disturbed. I loved it!
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Post by jhollan2 »

These books were the most psychologically horrifying things that I have ever read. Actually, the same could be said of anything written by V.C. Andrews. They all bad touch me. There is so much incest and psychoses and mental health issues that I finally had to stop. I read the first three or four, I believe, when I was in high school. I remember them being like a train wreck that I just had to keep reading, but didn't really enjoy.

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Post by Wind Wise »

I used to have a bunch of V.C. Andrews books in my collection. Never liked FITA or any of the ones in that series, it creeped me out too much. Got bored with the same basic storyline for every series. I still haven't read any of the newest ones.
I love to read!

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Post by Chrystal »

I enjoyed your interesting review of these two titles in V.C. Andrews Dollanganger series. I was a fan of the series. After Andrews death [1986] though titles of her work continued to be published, I stop reading the Dollanganger series[Flowers in the Attic, Petals on the Wind,If There Be Thorns,Seeds of Yesterday, Garden of Shadows] after, Garden of Shadows.
Thank you for reminding me of how much I enjoyed the series.
Wishing you a terrific read, Chrystal

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Post by dollface »

I actually enjoyed the series, I have read the series over 3 times. my mom had read it when she was young and enjoyed it. it is a book that is overwhelming with how can a parent do that to their kids but as said by a another was that it shows what money can do to some one. its awful but what can you do? any ways I had seen the first movie and I was so disappointed that I wanted to write to the director and ask if he/she even read the books! the second movie they created still had some things wrong but it was much better and more accurate. in the book and movie I hate the mother, the grandma I hated at the beginning but I liked her at the end. still twisted though. I have to say that even with the horrific things that happen with in the series is that it is my favorite series and author. well the books prior to V.C. Andrew's passing. the author who is writing under her name is good but still not the same. any ways I think its a good example of children need attention and not neglect, they need nurturing and praise not mistreatment and poison or violence. for any one who has enjoyed the books and haven't read her other series I would recommend reading the other older series. again I love V.C. Andrews. if she was still alive I would love to have met her.

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Post by Blackbeez »

V.C. Andrews became one of my favorite authors after I read Flowers in the Attic. The book itself is a rather raw portrayal of how money and very twisted people can form a disastrous combination. I loved that she always used the state of Virginia for her stories. Being from the 'Old South' myself, one always grew up hearing rumors of people locked away in attics. Apparently it was the thing to do at one point in time down here when you had 'undesirable' family members. I've always appreciated V.C. Andrews pulling this dark southern gothic action out and laying it to bear. These things were real in some cases. In Petals in the Wind she also took her readers through the generational problems that come from things like that. Cultural problems and psychological issues that some places in society cannot reach because they have no knowledge of those kinds of situations; not to mention the uncomfortable incest factor that is addressed in her series as well. Her writing is very raw and she chooses some disturbing subject matter but she does it well. I don't think this kind of book or series could have been any better.
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Post by krisliz88 »

gali wrote:Thank you for your review. :)

I have read those books in my childhood and liked them (especially the first 2 books in the series). As an adult and as a mother I find them ghastly and I can't understand how I was able to read them. My daughter has read the first book and didn't like it. She was shocked by it in fact. I wouldn't recommend those books, especially not to young adults. The writing is very good, but the theme is gross to put it gently. The series deteriorates in my view from book to book. I didn't read the last books in the series.
Hi Gali-

Actually, the author was smart in the sense that the last book in the series actually tells and explains the background of the Grandmother's story. It really narrates how and why she became the way that she is in the 'current' time. The story topics don't necessarily change so if that is the reason why you didn't like the book in the first place then this is definitely one to skip. However, after I read the last book, I re-read the first book and actually had a different view of the Grandmother!

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Post by Shena35bush »

I read this book & it's so awesome!!!

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Post by Pretenti0usQuips »

I loved V.C. Andrews as an adolescent, and I still think her writing is brilliant. The themes of her novels are creepy and racy, but they are wonderful reads regardless. I don't see a problem with adolescents reading her books -- they'll be exposed to such themes soon, if they haven't been already.

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Post by Megan Young »

I love this series!! I have read all of VC Andrews books she is the author that got me hooked on reading.

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Post by abasto123 »

I have seen all the movies. I liked the movies but they were incredibly sad. I haven't gotten up the courage to read the books seeing as how they probably go more in depth.

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