Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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Re: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Post by callie803 »

I was one in high school that had to push through reading books that were mandatory. I loved reading books on my own time but I couldn't get into the "classics". Of Mice and Men was one of the few that I loved. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I could read it over and over again. Even though it was a short book the author packed a full story that didn't feel like anything was left out. It is definitely one of my favorite classics.

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Post by MeggyM00 »

I absolutely love Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, I came about the book because of my GCSE English class in high school, and ever since I've been hooked. He has an amazing way of making you feel just how the character would, with so much raw emotion. He's truly an amazing author, one of my favorites because of this book.

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Post by Rae_Antone »

For a short book, of mice and men is really a good book. When I read it, I had no idea what to expect because we read it in class and our teacher didn't tell us what the story was about, but I'm glad that she didn't because it kept the whole story a surprise.

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Post by klbradley »

I started Of Mice and Men last night... and I finished it last night. Excellent read. It was a very short read, at only about 111 pages in my copy, but I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it!
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Post by Amh73090 »

I loved this book. One of the best from school. Maybe I'll have to pick it up and read it again now.
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Post by Joshiemic2 »

Of Mice and Men is one of my favorite Steinbeck books! He is such a masterful story teller and has a way of making you feel so personally attached to each of the characters so that you feel as though you are going through each hardship and disappointment right along side them!

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Post by Cortley »

This was a required read when I was in high school & probably one of the best ones. It kept you interested while giving you a heartbreaking ending. If you're looking for another classic try Lord of the Flies. Another required high school read but another good one.

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Post by Odes Ving 35 »

I've read a number of Steinbeck 's books and Of Mice and Men holds a special place in my heart. It's a unique theme, and the way Steinbeck helps the reader see through the eyes of the main characters certainly makes the story beautiful and tragic.

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Post by DATo »

For those who don't know: the title is taken from a poem by the Scottish poet Robert Burns called To A Mouse. Burns had unintentionally overturned the nest of a mouse while plowing his field. He sympathizes with the plight of the now homeless mouse in his apostrophe to it. Below is the stanza appropriate to the title.

But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane, (alone)
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley, (often go astray)
An' lea'e (leave) us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!
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Post by MayaYvonne »

I absolutely adore Of Mice and Men. I also enjoy how Steinbeck manages to pack such a poignant story in such small packaging. You almost feel the character's pain. Curly's wife, however, is essentially a non-person. Unnamed and only really utilized as a plot device. I'm sure a feminist reading would be fun. But ultimately, it is another novella about our inability to truly obtain the American Dream but through platonic love and establishing the crushing reality that some of us just aren't meant to surrive. Truly a beautiful book.

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Post by amb1339 »

This is great book to read if you want to read something short, but still just as good as any classic. This book will help you understand the Ameican Dream and personal lives of people searching for it. Just be prepared for the ending. :(

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Post by godreaujea »

I just got around to finally reading this book a couple of months ago and it is now easily in my top five favorites. The writing seems to pure and candid, it hits you right in the heart, and the story is so tragic, I actually cried, which is rare for me when it comes to books. I feel my heart grow just thinking of the story. 10 out of 10, highly recommend.

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Post by franny »

After having read this book in high school (so already knowing the ending) I cry by the second or third pages of this slim classic. The friendship between Lenny and George is epic, Lenny's absolute faith in George and George's protectiveness and tenderness toward Lenny. It's a special book I think, full of rich symbolism and metaphor in accessible language which I appreciate. An emotionally powerful book that is certainly not overly sentimental.

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Post by Scerakor »

This is one of those books that is short, but packs a punch. I didn't read this one until very late in the game but remember watching the movie with my parents as a kid. My dad, any time we would either have them ourselves or see rabbits, would quote, "Can I tend the rabbits, George?" This is a great introduction into the mind/writing of Steinbeck and despite its length hits you like a frying pan to the kisser.

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Post by sophiemer642 »

I was required to read this book in the 10th grade. After I finished reading it, I was not impressed. The plot was well developed, I just did not like the story. I found myself getting angry at some parts of the book, like when Rose lets her cheating husband take advantage of her. That's just a shame.

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