Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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Re: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Post by mehar123 »

Alice in wonderland is, I guess, a book which one can enjoy reading regardless of age. This is one of my favourite books. I've read it over and over again, still haven't get tired of it :D

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Post by Jretting »

Great read! I loved the old animated Disney movie, but it doesn't come close to the crazy things that happen in the book. One of my favorite books.

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Post by AMarshC »

I really have never cared much for Alice in wonderland. It is too busy for me...I just could not keep an interest.

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Post by StoneRyno »

I'm used to spoiler formatting tags for making text only visible when selected so hopefully this big gap above and below the post is good for spoiler avoidance.

I may have seen every movie/video/TV adaption of Alice + Looking Glass. And just this past week read them for the first time. I can't recall if I read an abridged version in school as a kid. However I do recall the story from when I was a kid. Which may very well have been a movie/video/TV adaption of the story. Anyway from all of those I was of the impression that Alice fought the Jabberwock. But after reading the books I didn't encounter such a portion in them. Just the poem with a he with a vorpal sword. To my amazement, aside from this, everything I remember from all of those adaptions from the story were all parts of it and so the end result is I got the whole story in the long run from the different parts of the different adaptions. Plus each ones add in story elements.


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Post by godreaujea »

TheBookMaven wrote:This has always been one of my favorite books, although I didn't actually read it as a child, which is too bad. As an adult, I have read it many times. I love how he captured the essence of a dream, where things don't always connect in logical ways and sometimes the illogical way is the best way.
I completely agree with everything you said. I didn't quite understand it as a child, but I really enjoyed it as an adult.

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Post by Lu-Ellen »

Alice in Wonderland is my all time favourite book. I loved it as a child and I still love it as an adult. It is one I will read to my children when I have them and one that is forever in my heart. I love anything Alice related. I have so many things around my house that is Alice in Wonderland, I even own an Alice in Wonderland teapot lol.
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

Alice in Wonderland is an all time favourite classic. It is liked by both children and adults. This is a very good book. I liked the character of Alice. I also enjoyed the way the story is unfolded.
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Post by MsTri »

Alice in Wonderland has long been a favorite book of mine. I love how it gets 'curiouser and curiouser' as the story goes along and there are so many uncanny characters. I wouldn't be surprised if Lewis Carroll is the reason we have the phrase, "think outside the box", as his characters are miles outside of any boxes! From the Mad Hatter to the White Rabbit to the Queen of Hearts, it's a veritable smörgåsbord of greatness! ...And I can't even count the number of times I've yelled, "Ooooooooff with his/her/their head(s)!" when I'm angry, *rofl*

The one quibble I have always had about this book is that Alice just eats and drinks anything put before her with a label! When my children were young and watched the Disney cartoon version, I hammered it into their heads NOT to just eat and drink anything offered to them! In this day and age, growing and shrinking would be the least of their worries.

Through the Looking Glass, though, I have no comment, as I have yet to make it through a full reading without falling asleep.

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Post by erjonas »

This book is one of my favourites. And the best thing about it, is that it never loses its reader value. The older I get, the more I enjoy it!

While a lot of people do psychoanalytical studies of the novel, I also read somewhere that there's a theory that Lewis Carroll, who was also a mathematician, wrote Alice in Wonderland as an absurdist parody of his contemporary peers and their radical ideas. I have to admit that this is my favourite theory about the book. The idea of Carroll sitting in his study fuming about his peers and coming up with these story snippets of weird creatures who mumble nonsense just makes me smile.
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Post by Mekkinism »

I remember enjoying both In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass as a child, but also feeling a sort of vague sense of unease whenever I read them. One scene in particular that has always stuck with me is when Alice is in a shop talking a sheep that's knitting, I think, and then all of a sudden they're in a rowboat the the sheep isn't knitting, she's rowing. For some reason I found the transition so disconcerting that I still remember it over a decade later.

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Post by Alphonso »

I wonder how such a book could be short and precise but so much interesting. This is the type of a book I could recommend to beginner's.

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Post by lakensteele20 »

Everyone knows this one's good. I couldn't be friends with someone who disagrees. It's just beautiful in my opinion. Absolutely love it!

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Post by pricklypurple »

I first read this book as an adult and was shocked. It is so not a children's story at all. I don't know why it is marketed as such. I would not have understood this book if I tried to read it as a kid. I barely understand it now. I think the author may have been under a lot of drug influence while writing though. Definitely and odd read.

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Post by MsLisa »

I remember trying to read it as a child but the colored pictures gave me a headache because they would also clash with my visualization of the scenes and I couldn't finish reading it. I don't remember much of it to be honest. :roll:

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Post by tanya_bagga1 »

A fairytale book which each one of us must have read in their childhood. This one's my personal favourite. An amazing story and a refreshing book...

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