Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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Re: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Post by wendilou49 »

sevencrows wrote:
10 Feb 2020, 09:33
I've only ever seen the movie, and I found it uninteresting for the most part. Is the book much better?
I found the book confusing, almost a drug- hazy kind of story. But v saying that, I did read the whole thing.

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Post by Medo12 »

it is my favorite books of all time, no doubt about it. I love how it can be read from either a child's view, who sees a wonderful world of fiction with rich characters, or from a more adult view, and you can analyze the aspects of the stories and the character and what Lewis wanted them to represent.

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Post by Geshellou »

This book actually has a touch of politics and can also be studied using the Philosophical, Psychological and sociological approach. Philosophically reviewed, this opens a whole new world of life. The story somehow entice us to dream a new life, it may be a fantasy, but a life where you always win challenges and where good always prevails. A life of choices and facing what those choices have in-store for you. Psychologically, this story builds a fantasy world where those who suffer from this life's challenges can run to. A world where good and bad is balanced. Sociologically understood, this would build our courage to enter a world where we thought we would never fit in.

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Post by Lady-of-Literature »

This book brought me so much joy as a kid. Who else here really liked or disliked the sequel?

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Post by dhaval_d84 »

This is one of the best classics I have ever read. The imagination of the author is fantastic, and how he intricately weaves in satire with fantasy is commendable. I really loved the puns in the books. Truly hilarious.

Earle Remington
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Post by Earle Remington »

I love this book.

When I was very young, my dad read me bedtime stories. Though he read a wide range of books to me, he recently revealed that there were 3 "non-negotiables." Alice and Wonderland made the list:

1. Winnie the Pooh, to teach you to be kind

2. Alice and Wonderland, to teach you to question authority

3. Harry Potter, to teach you to stand up for what's right

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Post by ava_21 »

I have read this wonderful book so many times. Wonderful. This book has been a long-time favorite, I love how when I read the book I feel like I am dreaming it. I should find out more stuff about it, I'm surprised I haven't done that yet. The movies are also pretty great, although I don't think I liked through the looking glass as much as I liked the first one. Still enjoyed it, though. Amazing book, written beautifully, very fun and imaginative, highly recommend anyone to read it if you haven't already.

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Niroshan Blog
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Post by Niroshan Blog »

one of the best classics I have ever read. author is fantastic, and how he intricately weaves in satire with fantasy is commendable. I really loved the puns in the books. Truly hilarious. it was really good to read this book .

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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

Alice in the wonderland and Through the looking glass are both absolutely amazing. I have even read its various re-tellings and fell in love with them.

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Wendwaoga Gerard
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Post by Wendwaoga Gerard »

It is wonderful book written with an easily understanding style. I was in form two secondary school when I get it as a present before the long holidays. I finished it in a couple of days because it was interesting even if I found the story quite fictive.

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Post by Timeshia »

Alice in Wonderland Is such a great story. It allows you to use your imagination of a girl wondering off and following down a rabbit hole. She then finds herself lost, but sees some sort of snack and decides to eat it. That snack made her ether big or small cause in the world she fell into, everything was ether too big or too small. This is a great and fun story to read to children.

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Post by pawankaur07 »

This book is so amazing. I have read this book so many times and i still can read it hundred times without getting bored. while, reading the book you can imagine and see everything that is happening in the book because of all the little details.

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Siva Brahmandam
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Post by Siva Brahmandam »

Some books are so nonsensical in the most amazing ways. A mix of curiosity, adventure,
and madness in the correct ratio can truly make a book like this wonderful indeed.

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Post by Lupe22 »

I've never read the book about Alice in wonderland but only seen the movie. I would like to read the book and review it.

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Post by Bigwig1973 »

As a child, the Jabberwocky frightened me. I loved the Cheshire cat, however, he also seemed so wise and kind. I could never quite figure out why the Jabberwocky was to scary. The characters initially seem delightful and fantastic but as you grow up you realize it's not all that delightful. I also learned many years after I first read it that Lewis Carrol was also a logician and, I think a pastor or a chaplain. I had and may still have one of his books on logic that I haven't read. The book is somewhat frightening from a psychological/scientific perspective: the mad hatter, according to popular belief, was actually mad due to mercury poisoning which came from using mercury to process felt for hats. Whether or not that's true, I can't really say for sure. But, as a children's book, quite delightful.
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