Review of Shadows That Speak

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Bertha Jackson
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Review of Shadows That Speak

Post by Bertha Jackson »

[Following is an official review of "Shadows That Speak" by Gitte Tamar.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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In 1875 England, Daniel Manly is a killer who thinks women have a wealth-seeking mentality. Daniel’s victims have the same qualities as him; they are vain and hungry for wealth. As an infant, Daniel had been left on the doorsteps of an orphanage in freezing weather. As a young man, a voice in the shadows promised to help him out of poverty and starvation if he would help purge the earth of greed and corruption. Daniel calls the shadow Father because he never knew or had any guidance from his own father. The first woman he murdered was a red-headed prostitute. Under Father's influence, he is affluent, exceedingly handsome, and the perfect eligible bachelor. Daniel has now decided to get married. Will his marriage be successful with his hatred for women? How does marriage fit in with Father's plan to purge the world from greed and corruption?

Shadows That Speak by Gitte Tamar is a crime thriller told from Daniel's point of view. I felt like I was sitting on the couch beside him while he told me his story. Gitte Tamar did a fantastic job with the character and demographic development. I could smell the rotting bodies and see shadows sitting in the corner of rooms. I appreciate that Gitte Tamar included humor in this dark story to break up the tension. For example, she describes one character as having "features that rivaled those of ancient elephants." This phrase made me laugh and relax during the suspense. I could picture the chandelier that resembled Medusa's hair of snakes. The book's ending was not what I expected, but it makes perfect sense.

Although this book has a dark plot, there was nothing I disliked about the book. This book drew me into Daniel's mind, and I had to keep turning the pages to see what happened next. I will caution readers not to read this book before going to bed. I learned this the hard way.

This fast-paced book is full of suspense and is well-written. I can definitely say that a professional editor has edited this book because it only has three errors in the entire book. I gladly give this book 4 out of 4 stars. There is nothing that would justify giving it fewer stars.

Due to the gory content and non-borderline profanity, I recommend only mature adults read this book. If non-erotic sexual content and bias against religion are offensive to you, you may want to skip this book. However, if you enjoy horror stories that keep you riveted to the book, you will enjoy this one.

Shadows That Speak
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Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Raymond N
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Post by Raymond N »

I'm surprised he got married. How's he supposed to cope with all the hatred and self-righteousness embedded in him? This should be a great book.
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I like the premise of this book, but the promise of gore made me not want to read it. I’m sorry about Daniel’s dislike of women. I think that began early.
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Post by QualityAndQuantity »

After going through the review I can say it's a dark book. I like books who have a dark side to them and this one seems like my type. Nice review.
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Post by Shinzii12345 »

I have likes and dislikes about this book, more of a dark story, but the fact that all that he had done he finally get married which is good, and a good flip for the story because Daniel have a change of life and living.👍
Kedi Kadimo
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Post by Kedi Kadimo »

I'm still shocked that Daniel got married and am wondering how it's gonna work as opposed to his personal attributes.... Nice review though
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Post by Jenny01ke »

This is a very nice review...makes me want to read the book right away ... Daniel seems to be a very mysterious person and I am up for mystery stories anyday.
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Zelda Boshoff
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Post by Zelda Boshoff »

I would love to read the book, did enjoy the review, especially the caution not to read it before going to bed! Daniel seems to be a serial killer, however, married. Just horrible, and terrifying however very interesting.
Polycarp Matu
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Post by Polycarp Matu »

I Think The Review Is very precise,... Since it clearly shows that the book is full of Suspense mixed with intrigue and Alot of emotions... Making it Very Interesting... I'd Like To Read The Book Immediately...
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Post by MARJORIE obeso »

after I read this dark book, I seems to admire how the character Daniel handle himself, when he got married the suspense and thriller made me not continue reading. very interesting one.
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Post by Princex »

i am really aamazed at the summary, will be reading this book as my new week starts.
Hussein Abdallah 1
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Post by Hussein Abdallah 1 »

Daniel's thoughts to thinks women have a wealth-seeking mentality is an ideal thinking for the most of men...but in terms of crime..he was play the best character...while reading the review I felt like watching some horror movie..
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Post by lily_kh87 »

Great review really! I'm in love with these kinds of books. Your description makes me eager to read it. Great job. :D
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Post by Stormy76 »

I have not read this book yet. Reading the review and some of the other comments makes me want to read this book. It seems like an interesting read, fast paced, suspenseful, dark and descriptive is not usually a genre I am in to but this book sounds interesting.
Debby Tony
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Post by Debby Tony »

How is the marriage going to work out with his intense hatred for women? The thought of purging the world from evil isn’t a bad one but again the way at which it will be carried out is the issue. Well, this is a crime thriller so I’d be expecting that.
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