Official Review: Stalked by Love by Young Honor

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Official Review: Stalked by Love by Young Honor

Post by ViziVoir »

[Following is an official review of "Stalked by Love" by Young Honor.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Stalked by Love by Young Honor follows a group of policemen as they investigate extremely violent and often sexual crimes. These mostly include serial killers and the odd cult, though there are some murders that happen as a result of adultery or cheating. The group includes Erskin, who is plagued by a recurrent nightmare about a strange woman; Mitchell, a man who goes through a divorce; and Resnic (sometimes spelled "Resnick"), Mitchell's partner and a former racist who came to regret his bigoted ways. Overall, this ensemble cast isn't really handled very well - the book lacks any sort of narrative flow, and it doesn't even seem to have a climax.

I do appreciate some of what was done with the characters, like the relationship between Mitchell and Resnic. However, on the whole, none of the characters in the book are particularly compelling or even realistic. They usually speak stiffly, often ending sentences with "bye" even if they were speaking formally or emotionally. It's also rather distracting that every woman in the book is so sexual, often necessitating entire paragraphs about how attractive they are, when the appearances of most male characters were barely touched upon.

On top of that, many aspects of the book simply struck me as odd. There almost seems to be a hyperfixation on oral sex, to the extent that, at one point, an undercover officer has to watch what can only be described as a public cunnilingus competition. Even the word choice is strange, with grammatically incorrect phrases like "the Ian's Flemig novel of James Bond" and "my eleven size shoes." Other grammatical errors abound, from plurality and tense conflicts to missing periods.

I wouldn't say that this book was entirely irredeemable. There's a small part where Resnic is trying to find a serial killer in New York's gay community, and the writing actually manages to convey a sense of tension and intrigue that just isn't present for most of the story. I feel like the focus on many different protagonists would have worked wonderfully as a collection of short stories, especially since the author has his own experiences in the police force to draw on. Unfortunately, whatever potential this book might have had is squandered.

At the end of the day, I rate this book 1 out of 4 stars. While the author manages to create a few compelling scenes and characters, I can't imagine fans of thriller literature, cop narratives, or even just action stories liking it much at all. I suppose it just goes to show that writing what you know only works if you have the skills as a writer to bring your story to life.

Stalked by Love
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Post by Bambiears »

Wow sounds like nearly the same as the book I just finished.

It is disgusting tobme when writers that could have done so much good instead write women into such tiny and perverted sex toy rolls.

Thanks for the reveiw and may your next book for reveiw be ejoyable to the utmost.

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Post by djr6090 »

I'm sorry to hear that you were so disappointed with this book, but thanks for the honest one out of four stars. I don't often see that low of a rating on the OBC reviews.

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Post by Ever_Reading »

Writing a negative review is never is easy but you did it effortlessly. As a fan of crime and thriller, I doubt I'd be able to stomach this one. Thanks for the review!
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Post by kandscreeley »

It almost sounds like the author is foreign. It definitely needs some work, but the premise sounds fun. Hopefully the author can take your advice. Thanks.
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Post by Rachel Lea »

Thank you for your honest evaluation of this book! It's unfortunate that the plot had some promise but couldn't be executed properly.
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Post by Elika97 »

This was like my first time reading this book and it’s disappointing in the way the writer wrote this book but it needs a lot more work to it.

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Post by Agnes Masobeng »

1 out of 4 starts clearly indicates that you're not recoomending this book to anyone. How disappoiting. Anyways, thanks for an honest review.
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Post by AntonelaMaria »

It sounds very disappointing. Sorry, it was a bad reading experience for you. I never feel good rating low but at least we try or are honest. Thank you for the review.
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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

It's a shame that this book missed the mark. I would find that rather annoying that the women were overly sexualized. Thanks for the honest review!
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Post by ShwetaDandy »

Wow. Well, that must have been incredibly disappointing to read! I am surprised that with so many grammatical errors, someone actually published the book.

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Post by Gathoni1991 »

I wish the author could rewrite it. The concept seems to have so much potential. Thank you for the great and honest review.

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Post by kdstrack »

Thanks for your insightful comments on this book. You were very gracious to include a paragraph expressing something positive about the book. Nicely written review!

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Post by spluficvictory »

Thanks for the honest review. It sounds like something I wouldn't bother reading. I hope it gets rewritten and reedited

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Post by Kaylee123 »

Your description of the book makes it sound interesting, so I'm very glad you wrote the review so I knew to avoid this book! It seems like it has potential but the overt sexuality would probably annoy me. So would the editing mistakes.

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