Official Review: Death Has a Thousand Doors

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Re: Official Review: Death Has a Thousand Doors

Post by anushreevaishnav18 » 15 Aug 2019, 22:52

This review help me so much. I like this book by this review. Thanks

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Post by Hester3 » 15 Aug 2019, 22:53

Thanks for the great review, I have been in caves before so I don't know how my imagination will handle this one!

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Post by ShailaSheshadri » 15 Aug 2019, 22:56

I like a suspenseful and adventurous plot which this novel has. Good, the characters are well-developed and show deep emotions in the novel. The author would have made the cover page design better. Thanks for the review. Congrats to the author on BOTD!

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Post by Miss_BeckyG » 15 Aug 2019, 23:07

I really enjoyed your review. It felt like I was reading the book already. Worland has certainly woven a masterpiece that draws you to the story. The survival story thrilling, full of suspense and chilling. This is one for the top of my reading list.
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Post by Disneyland » 15 Aug 2019, 23:08

'Official Review: Death Has a Thousand Doors by Peter B. Worland' is a little guide to the book for the readers. It is composed of important and relevant words that give a total information about the book to the readers. It helps me identify with a true story of cave adventure!

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Post by Susmita Biswas » 15 Aug 2019, 23:17

Death Has a Thousand Doors by Peter B Worland is an adventure story, and I like adventure story a lot. I can't even imagine about trapped inside a cave. I love the story. Congratulations on #botd.

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Post by Samy Lax » 15 Aug 2019, 23:21

This book by Worland dishes out healthy doses of adventure. Anyone who likes suspense in their reading material would enjoy the realistic descriptions provided by the author.
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Post by Chrystal Oaks » 15 Aug 2019, 23:25

This sounds like a book that should be read during the daytime only. A cave adventure that turns deadly and the opening of the cave is blocked by people that want to kill you. The only way to escape is continuing in the cave with no light. Even at night if the sky is clear, it is not completely pitch-black; the stars give relief to the darkness. Great review!
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Post by Agnes Masobeng » 15 Aug 2019, 23:33

I am a light hearted individual hence I'll find a difficult time reading this book. Great review though
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Post by Benthic » 15 Aug 2019, 23:42

The review has really hooked me in. I am a huge fan of any suspense and this survival suspense is definitely going to be on my to read list.

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Post by EvaDar » 15 Aug 2019, 23:46

Goodness. Mudslides, steep inclines, food rationing, sickness, and discord - some intense obstacles for these characters. It's not my genre but I enjoyed your review.
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Post by rave_2 » 15 Aug 2019, 23:48

Seems like an exciting adventure. There's a lot going on from sickness, mudslides, food rationing, to finding the cave's exit. I also agree that the cover could have been better. Nice review.
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Nivi Gideon
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Post by Nivi Gideon » 15 Aug 2019, 23:53

I think I will be passing on this book. But it will appeal to an audience who is interested in this genre.

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Post by Gishala1 » 15 Aug 2019, 23:56

You're right about the cover! It is quite literal and does little to forewarn the reader as to what to expect. Naturally the sample ended before the drama kicked in, and I was about to 1-click it but decided to read this review first (there were none on the Amazon page). I've become claustrophobic as an adult and I don't relish the idea of needing mental breaks like you did. Great review, but this is one cave I doubt I'll be exploring.

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Post by Daniel_ » 15 Aug 2019, 23:58

I love the story line in this adventure book. I also like the suspense therein. Thanks for the wonderful review.

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