Featured Official Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin [April 2020 Book of the Month]

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Re: Featured Official Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin [April 2019 Book of the Month]

Post by lizzie_k »

I can't begin to imagine the kind of medical experiments and technologies they intend to carry out on Kalin but it sure looks sinister. That alone has me captivated to read on! Great review :)

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Post by VernaVi »

This book sounds like it has a suspenseful storyline, perfect for fans of Sci-Fi thrillers! It's great that it was so entertaining vene though yo ualomst have to close one eye to keep reading! Thanks for a great review!

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Post by Howlan »

The book seems to have a great sci-fi plot. I am definitely interested in this book. Thanks for recommending this book!

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Post by Amanda Newton »

I normally don't go for sci-fi books, but this review certainly caught my attention. I look forward to seeing what happens next and finding out more about this world.
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Post by winecellarlibrary »

This sounds like a young adult science fiction novel centered around cloning.
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Post by maxiphemmax »

I love an High tech sci-fi storyline. It's a little snapshot into the future. The review is quite welcoming. Congrats to the author on BOTD..

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Post by Falconcrest »

This is an amazing book, I have to admit there was quite a bit of gore in it. But the author's plot was fantastic, and his insights into how technology will evolve where my boggling. A fast-paced story all the way to the end.

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Post by AJ_Drenda »

Thank you for your review; I'm very much looking forward to reading the book.
When I say science fiction, you might think aliens, future technology, or space opera. Cloning fits the bill; however, it will become fact sooner than we all think. That is what makes this story so tantalizing. Most of the story takes place on a space station years in the future, which is in keeping with the genre. Despite the futuristic nature, the strength of the story lies in its thought-provoking quality. Themes of human rights, slavery, and abuse fill the pages. It's a story I thought about long after I finished reading; honestly, it's one of those books that you read with morbid fascination. You almost want to cover your eyes because you don't know if you can stand it. Something, though, pulls you back to the pages. You keep reading, though it's almost with one eye shut.
SF is a genre of 'what if'. The tropes that you mention are the costumes in which SF novels tend to be dressed in, but not always. It is the 'what happens to us if this becomes the reality' that drives the genre, so it looks like Jude Austin did a great job with her premise.

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Post by Kenesha L Fowler »

Miriam Molina wrote:
15 Jan 2019, 10:33
Oh my! Another horrible picture of what the future may look like! Do these authors get their inspiration from Revelation in the Bible?

I'm moved to follow Kalin and read this one with eyes wide shut. Thanks for the tantalizing review.
You've said it! I think I held my breath reading that review. As for the book, it's amazing what people are capable of imagining. A tantalising review indeed!
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Post by Mrunalpatki »

I have read the sample of this book and sci-fi isn't really my genre.But the theme is very intriguing and this review definitely fuels the curiosity. Might just read the book. Thanks.
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Latest Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin

Post by funninessishappiness »

This sounds like a wonderful book. It seems to be a psychological thriller and a sci-fi. I can't wait to read it. Thank you for the review!

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Post by Kevsona »

As i followed this science fiction review, what came to my minds was aliens, future technology, and space opera. However, this is what makes this story so tantalizing.
Thank you for the review

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Post by Thehorselover »

This sounds more like a thriller/action genre than sci-fi, very fast paced and possibly hard to follow, if not comprehend fully. Thanks for explaining it pretty clearly without giving away the plot.

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Post by Caffrey_19 »

Just as historical books are the core of non-fiction stories, science fiction books are arguably the core of fiction stories. This is because the storyline has to be a perfect fitting with the background and setting (which is future oriented). For instance, the story took place in space, it involved cloning humans and teaching them how to behave like one without considering their (clones) sensitization to the teachings on the long run. This right here, is a magnificent THEME and for you to be the writer, your imagination has to be tuned to the plot’s frequency. The turn around in this book for me was when revolution, and the fight for freedom kicked in. This is a book that reflects pictures to the reader’s mind. Good review.

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Post by Caribqueen16 »

"Human rights, slavery, and abuse". Isn't that what happens here on earth? Imagine when you are in space in the future that it will be the same old story. Cloning does not appear to make a difference. The same traits are transferred. It is a Sci/Fi book with thriller-created suspense and these books are enjoyed by those who love that genre. Great review.
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