4 Great Classic Books

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Re: 4 Great Classic Books

Post by amandabbeck »

I haven't read but one of those. I have read the Ray Bradbury one. I am saving these at the library so I can read them.

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Post by sedmontson »

Thanks Scott, nice job reviewing and comparing. Three of the books mentioned I have read. I enjoyed Nineteen Eighty Four, Of Mice and Men , and Farenheit 401.

Three weeks ago my grandson, a junior in high school, suggested I read The Catcher in the Rye. Though I was considering his request, reading your review has helped me make the decision to read this classic that I have missed.

I appreciate the OnLine BookClub though I do not sign in frequently. I am trying to use this forum more often and am grateful for the time and effort you put into the BookClub itself.

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Post by stoppoppingtheP »

I just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye last night! My sister recommended it to me and I thought I might as well since it was a classic. But I really enjoyed it. I loved Holden's manner of talking, how he always got depressed for everything and how he could overthink the simplest things.I really liked him as a character.

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Post by Theresa cahill »

We read all quiet on the western front for school and I love it

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Post by literarychemist »

I have always loved Ray Bradbury, so thanks for the thread!

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Post by DATo »

Theresa cahill wrote:We read all quiet on the western front for school and I love it
I share your opinion. All quiet On The Western Front was one of the best novels I've ever read.

A bit of trivia:

The story, of course, is about a German soldier, but many have come to believe that the author, as a result of the spelling of his last name (Remarque), was French. He was actually German, served in WWI on the western front and was injured in action.
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Post by munkitkat »

I think Pride and Prejudice should have made the list. None of the books you mentioned involved a woman protagonist. This shows how much the male patriarchy affects us in all spheres. I'm not saying you HAVE to mention certain books, I'm talking about how constricted women were to write or even be literate. Pride and Prejudice is a very beautiful and profound book and it deserves more attention.

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Post by adria_charles »

I am embarrassed to say that I have read only one of these books, and even then that was so long ago. I greatly need to include these to my summer reading list and continue to enjoy some of the other wonderful classics beyond just these. Thank you for the brief reviews!
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Post by klbradley »

Happy to say that I have read and recommended all four, as they are all very great stories! I actually read 3 of the 4 while in high school, and even enjoyed them at that young age.
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Post by lfcmaker »

'Of mice and men' is used in a lot of schools in the UK for GCSE English. A good book

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Post by Yelitzag08 »

I read all of these back in high school, I enjoyed them. My favorite was Catcher in the Rye, I read it two or three times. I was also an angsty teenager so I related a bit with the main character. I do mean to read it again, I wonder if I will enjoy it as much as I did in high school. I also read Candide by Voltaire in high school which is a classic I highly recommend. My friend and I liked it so much that we would use the phrase 'it's the best of all possible worlds' when something crappy happened to us in real life. I found the book quite funny, but it's also thought provoking!
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Post by cnag9604 »

Ha, these were all required reads in high school!

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Post by ebeth »

I read the book of mice and men in high school. I couldn't get into it.
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Post by Storygamer88 »

I've read all but the third one. Personally I find 1984 disturbing because of the torture scenes and think Animal Farm is much better and less extreme and more believable. Fahrenheit 451 I also find hard to believe in imo. I guess these just aren't my cup of tea.
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Post by Arthur Muthee »

This classic by Ray Bradbury's brings into reality the innocence of young children as portrayed by the young girl teaching him not to fear and the complexities of the universe that bring in the need for a knowledge worker as displayed by the professor who shows the way by bringing to light the importance of thinking in order to solve mankinds challenges.

A great read, well thought out and timeless...........

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