Official Review: Holding Fire by Ten Awesome Writers!

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Re: Official Review: Holding Fire by Ten Awesome Writers!

Post by MaryLisboa »

Kappy wrote:
MaryLisboa wrote:Truly amazing review, make me want to read it even more!
Thanks, Mary! There are many outstanding books here by unknown authors.
Yes, there are! I get really anxious every time I think about all the great authors the world never heard about.

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Post by Terrylynsmith »

I will be adding this book to my shelf.

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Post by Booky_BettyC »

Hmmmm. Spent my budgeted money on books for this month already. I may have to dip a little further into the pockets for this one! Short, sweet and to the point review. Good job!
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Post by derekstvp »

Great review! Seem pretty interesting to read. Thanks & Congratulation for the successful Review!

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Post by Tommie H Odom »

This review is awesome. The book consists of these ten writers. There stories are connected because of their personalities and attitudes of the charactres. The stories are based on hatred and vegenance. It is not good to act out on either one because you will have to deal with the consequences. Even though these are short stories. They are written by ten different writers. Sometimes the ones that you are trying to destruct are the ones that brings you down.

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Post by Shakiz amani mbaire »

I really enjoyed the book from the fact it had many writers .I love also that the stories have a interesting start that anyone would crave to finish, since it has no boring sides. You authors did a great job .

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Post by Survey Jury »

Great Job

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Post by kunlebass »

Thanks for the review. The author was able to describe various situations which one can understand easily

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Post by Israel Adegboye »

You have a nice review.
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Post by Gratey12 »

I'd like to have this book because I'm not so used to reading composite stories or compilation of short tales. I enjoy lingering quite a bit longer in a novel and await compelling developments in the story as it comes, rather than be off with an abrupt end of a short tale.

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Post by Salsabila »

Though I do prefer novels, short stories have a special allure too. Holding fire is a collective view from different perspectives. It shows how much writers can think to give an original piece of one topic.

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Post by Ashley Simon »

Interesting. The subject matter isn't up my alley, but I enjoy short stories. Thanks for the review!
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Post by willo »

Read it a while back. Kinda like a fictional omnibus.

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Post by joellas »

Fantastic review your review makes me want to read the story even though I don't like short stories

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