Favorite Character of the "Man Mission" Group?

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Rachel Lea
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Re: Favorite Character of the "Man Mission" Group?

Post by Rachel Lea »

I really liked Sam, too, but I think my favorite character in the Man Mission group was Daniel. I loved how organized, reliable, and steady that he was.
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Post by Julehart1 »

I liked all four of these characters, but my favorite was Sam because he had a great character arc and also had a great sense of humor.

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Post by MsH2k »

Although I don’t know him as well as the protagonist (I call the protagonist Guy—I had to give him a name), I like Sam because, as a friend, he was the one who just listened to Guy and let him get it all out. He was not quick to judge him or voice his opinion right away.

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Post by Browlyns »

My favorite character is the narrator, his whining nature mistakes and weakness were the main engine behind the flow and humor of the story. It is also from him that i derived my moral lesson of the story. In my opinion without the narrator this book would have been boring.

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Post by oluchiokere84 »

I liked Daniel the most. He was different, with his ability to plan and arrange things properly.

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Post by readerrihana »

To be honest I felt that I really identified with the main character, perhaps because we were following his thoughts and feelings. I felt him to be reflective, sensitive and caring, even though he may be seen as weak

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Post by centfie »

Alec. He is the black sheep of the group, with things always going against him, but later, his life turns out to be more in order than the others.
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Post by mishkaat »

I like daniel the most as he is an organiser and he is always honest.

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Post by Orizon »

Sam is also my favourite in the book; his humour is priceless and his development as he matures from a boy to a man is exemplary.

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Post by Official_Sammie »

Though I love them all. I would say Sam is my favorite. He exhibited alot of amazing characters which make me fall in love with him as a character. Was discipline and well cultured. He is also my favorite because we are name sake and we have similar attributes.

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Post by mishkaat »

I like all the characters by Sam is my favourite .i like him .

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Post by Elmaestro »

Sam was my favorite character because he appeared brave and decisive.

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Post by Caffrey_19 »

I really liked the four characters but if I were to pick one, it’d be Eric. Eric is filled with my kind of energy and I think his indecision to settle down early was favorable to him.

Reagan Reg
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Post by Reagan Reg »

I enjoyed listening to alex's weird ideas and encouragements to other protagonists. His ideas were out of this world.

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Post by Radhika_puri »

I liked the main protagonist. His life was challenging throughout. He did some mistakes in his life but he got it that he was wrong. He repented for his deeds, When he broke done his leg and he had no one to look after him. I liked the way he take his life. Always thought about his family then himself but at last he did something wrong but still I like his character the most.

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