When is the description too much

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Alison Alissa
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Re: When is the description too much

Post by Alison Alissa »

Its always too much when its the author`s part of the story because its where the author seems to gives a lot of information in detail.

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Post by sonya01 »

There is a fine line between too much detail and not enough. I think that the former is preferable to the latter, purely because, while it may get a bit tedious, it doesn’t leave the reader guessing. There is a skill in revealing just the right amount of information at the right time to keep the story interesting and the reader engaged. I also felt that the characters in this book could have done with a little more detail and development.

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Brendan Donaghy
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Post by Brendan Donaghy »

I always feel that if you find yourself noticing descriptions to the extent that you comment upon them, then there's way too much description!

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Post by Lady-of-Literature »

I don't have a problem with description, either in smut or foul language. However, I will admit that too much description is pretty obvious with it slows down the plot, especially when it focuses too much on something irrelevant or boring.

Aditi Sapate
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Post by Aditi Sapate »

I don't care that much about the physical attributes. I just need the physical attributes to distinguish one character from the other. But I need the characters' feelings and emotions to be discussed in detail. I guess it differs from reader to reader.

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Post by Prisallen »

When a book gets too descriptive it gets bogged down and threatens to make the story boring. On the other hand, there needs to be enough description to be able to visualize the settings and the characters. It is definitely a fine line to walk.

Atharva Joshi
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Post by Atharva Joshi »

Too much description causes the reader to quickly lose interest but if "Quirky" small details are added to make the characters unique then the reader is intrigued.

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Post by evraealtana »

MrunalT wrote: ↑
15 Jul 2019, 06:05
I guess most authors consider it intelligent to add minutest, and more than often inconsequential details. It is probably a way of building an intricate landscape against which the story can be superimposed. But ultimately it rests on the narration to not bore the reader with disturbing details or make the read too simplistic.
I agree, and well said. Striking the right balance is probably one of the most important, and also most difficult, aspects of writing.

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Post by Cecilia_L »

I dislike too much description if the author seems to be filling pages with unnecessary details. However, I agree that balance is key because it's also frustrating to be left wondering when details are lacking.
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Post by HannahMonaghan »

For me, when there is too much description, I start to skim or I quickly get bored with the book. I think descriptions are incredibly important, but when I can skip anywhere from 3 sentences to 3 pages and still have a perfect idea of what is going on, that description isn't worth it (to me at least).

Foul language and graphic sex scenes have their place in books, but I feel like many writers leave nothing to the imagination anymore. At some point, the reader needs to be able to read a scene and carry it through their head. If each and every detail of a scene is painstakingly written out, it takes out reader creativity.

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Michelle Fred
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Post by Michelle Fred »

Descriptions become too much when the author feels the need to describe even the most mundane elements of a book in detail.

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Post by Mindi »

I don't care for explicit sex scenes, but everyone has their own opinion. I don't mind some description if it's done in a tasteful way and actually connects the reader more emotionally to the characters and storyline.

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Post by OuKoyoo »

Description becomes too much when it adds little or nothing towards enriching the storyline. It makes one feel like the author was just trying to fill more and more pages.

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Post by Mailis »

In some books, I enjoy long descriptions because the author has such a beautiful and unique way with words. And in some books, I almost fast read half-heartedly sections where the descriptions distract and slow the story down too much. So it is a mixture of things that make a book and it's details work for me. My mood, my level of tiredness whilst reading but I still think the most important part is the skill and talent that the author has. If they are good, I love every word.

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Post by skindrukas »

I agree that detailed sex scenes and foul language could be left out in most cases. Very often it seems that the are only added to make the story likable to a bigger range of readers, to satisfy all types of people. But it's rarely necessary to complete the story or describe characters.
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