Did the author overuse emboldened subtitles in chapters?

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Re: Did the author overuse emboldened subtitles in chapters?

Post by Chrystal Oaks »

They didn't bother me. I'm not sure, but I think I read someplace that this book was part of a weekly (monthly?) submission to a magazine. If true, it could be the reason for all the subtitles. I agree with you, they weren't necessary given it was compiled into a book. Sorry it took away from your enjoyment. :-(
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Post by beccabecky »

I wasn't particularly bothered by them, honestly. I understand why some people might be annoyed by it, however.

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Post by kmwarren20 »

Some of them I didn’t mind; however, I found the majority to be unnecessary or distracting.

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Post by J_odoyo »

I have not finished reading this book but so far I can say it's so annoying and distracting the flow of the book.
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Post by Tamorie21 »

Ferdinand_otieno wrote:
01 Jun 2019, 08:54
If you felt they were overused, then which chapter or scene did it for you?
(Mine was in the beginning of the book during a sexual scene between Cynthia and Sky... written as (This section is rated R) )
I also found it a bit strange when I encountered this 'section'. For one, I've never seen anything like this in a book before. Secondly, I think the spoiler kind of destroyed whatever excitement was supposed to have been built up for the scene. It's like watching a comedy movie and hearing someone go: "Oh, look! This part's funny. Just watch." I'm no longer excited. Or curious. And now, I feel kind of awkward... Thanks.

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B Creech
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Post by B Creech »

They didn't bother me but I really didn't see the necessity for them.
B. Creech

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Post by Kaylee123 »

They didn't bother me. I felt like they were meant to clarify different parts of the chapter.

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Post by Orizon »

It didn't bother me at first, but when I was to be bothered i was a greatly in dept with the flow of the book.

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Post by KCWolf »

That was just one of the major annoyances in this book. In some books that would work, but not this one. Especially since it just gives away what's going to happen in the next scene.
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Post by Erin »

Until I read this forum topic, I thought that the (This Section Rated R) was inserted in the Sample copy of the book for those who may have picked up the book and not realized what the content might be. If it is in the actual book, it breaks up the story line. It makes the section feel as though the author wrote the story and then went back and inserted R rated sections. I don't think the warning is necessary and it takes away from the natural flow of the story.

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Post by Tester013 »

I think it's fine, especially since it's clearly demarkated so you can skip over it should you wish to. Perhaps the subtitles give those who're less able to comprehend what's going on a clearer picture of the story..?

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Areej Tahir
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Post by Areej Tahir »

Agreed! such subtitles kind of hinted towards what was coming and that took away the element of surprise.

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Post by Thundershake »

Ferdinand_otieno wrote:
04 Jun 2019, 03:33
Renee_Prior1995 wrote:
03 Jun 2019, 23:47
I didnt think to much about it. After i realised it happened frequently i tried to ignore the bold.
But it was so much of an inconvenience that you had to try to ignore them.
I agree. If you weren't really reading the story for them you wouldn't notice.
If you were invested enough in the story.
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Post by Ghost11111 »

The author's use of subtitles drove me absolutely mad! I was particularly annoyed by the (Start Rated R Scene) and (End Rated R Scene) subtitles but many of the other subtitles weren't much better. It wasn't necessary to add subtitles about where the action was taking place since it was clear as day just by reading the section. It appeared as though the author wrote this book by just filling in an outline and not bothering to edit it before getting it published.

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Post by fmd1821 »

Just a little. They look out of place quite often, even though they did not bother me too much.

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