Larry's accident Vs William's accident

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Re: Larry's accident Vs William's accident

Post by Kibetious »

elizaron878 wrote:
25 Apr 2019, 10:27
The description of Larry's injury is certainly not for the squeamish.His were life threatening,he lost too much blood,got infected, and the pain must have been terrible.
William got injured when he was weak from starvation.He had to lie out in the open for quite some time, not knowing whether Anne had succeeded or suffered a more or less the same fate.
Fortunately his strength of spirit pulled him through.
It is true that clinically speaking, the survival of Larry would be harder. His lower right leg was torn and thus the loss of blood due to severe hemorrhage would have led to shock and death within a few minutes.
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Post by Kajori50 »

William belonged to the Olympic Peninsula. This played a major role in his survival. Also, I wanted to see Larry live. Actually, I was looking forward to his confrontation to Louise. Still, I think his death was purely an accident where he simply had no chance. William's situation, though extremely rare, is still possible in real life. His faith and optimism kept him alive.

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Post by a-b-c- »

Larry's accident was different than William's and he died in the end. In William case, he had made it so far and got hurt and had to be felt behind and no one, knowing where to find him or if he had died. Both where sad.

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Post by Nena_Morena »

I agree that the two injuries were very different, but I also think that the author wanted to emphasize the strength of William's spirit. Throughout the book, several characters talked about how the spirit was strong with William, and his survival proved that.

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Post by Sushan »

Bleeding which leads to shock is something quite dangerous and even doctors are afraid of. Larry went down that pathway and it seems his dying is fair
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Post by Areej Tahir »

Honestly, I don't think we can compare both of their experiences. The chances of surviving against the odds in the wilderness as faced by William in comparison to surving when your body has nothing left to fight are two very different scenarios.

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Post by Bles »

As per me, Larry's accident and William's accident was fatal. While they had different accidents, none of them was lesser painful than the author
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Post by Ricky 7 »

About Larry's accident, it was more severe and really bad such that he lost a lot of blood an essentially fluid in human body. For William it's due to his hardened heart and all the toughness he has been through that brings his survival. So when you just say three days for Larry it really amuse me lot in fact I get to think about you alot; don't you have pity

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Post by siusantos »

My heart went out to Larry for what had happened to him. I mean, such tough luck! He was in a ship ill-equipped for survival, even though he was given all the help the crew can give.
And with William, I was really surprised with that ending. Stranded in the cold without food beats losing bucket of blood.

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