Who was your favorite character?

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Re: Who was your favorite character?

Post by Anthony__ »

My favorite character is Steve. He is a survivor and a leader. I love his sense of judgement especially when he asked the crew to exit the boat.

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Post by Wilkister94 »

I loved Larry because his character really stood out.
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Christine Penny
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Post by Christine Penny »

My favorite character is Louise, she was in debt up to her ears, her husband was never around, she was extremely suspicious that he was having an affair and she was pissed and yet, she was ready to go to work with him at a moment's notice she was ready to put her life on the line along with her husband for their business. To try to make things better for the both of them. You can see that she loved Larry and when Larry gave her back her confidence about taking the wheel and how she had done it in the past and she was the best; she just shined and did her job. It was the perfect picture of man and wife working together to get a job done and when he got hurt, she didn't break down, but kept her professionalism to make sure everyone returned safely, even though her husband died... that is one strong loving woman... When Larry got hurt you could just feel the concern in her questions... she loved that man, but she kept going to get the men home safe and sound before she dared to feel anything that might keep her from doing her job.

Gikonyo Caroline
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Post by Gikonyo Caroline »

Steve, a great dad, a responsible single dad something that we don't often see in life and a great passionate leader who goes an extra mile, including slapping Anne into counsciousness so she can help then to find william and the missing crew

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Post by KDJ »

My favorite character was Sarah. She shows a constant ability to be a source of optimism and strength for Myra. Her character was written in a way that she comes across as an old soul. Sarah shows an attitude and skills that make me think she could gain a position of leadership in her Native American tribe. I wish I had her attitude when I was younger. She was definitely my favorite character. :D :D :D
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Post by Joytoo97 »

William is my best character he has so much depth and culture that he adds into the beauty of this story. Through him, we see wonderful family ties.

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Post by Azrevread »

My favorite character is Sarah. She is an optimistic teenager who gets into challenging situations.
She has strong leadership qualities for someone her age and while her behavior is mostly unique to her
culture, she's still respectful of the people around her.

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Post by prospero360 »

I would say it's between Steve and Pete for me. It's quite difficult to settle on one though.

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Post by magnoparisi »

William. Positive emotions generally work in an opposite way to negative emotions. So, while emotions like fear, anxiety, stress and anger narrow our focus, inhibit our concentration and decrease our cognitive abilities, positive emotions can do the opposite. When we’re feeling upbeat and happy, we’re more likely to have an inclusive focus than a self-centered outlook, and to perform better on cognitively demanding tasks. That's why William is so important and my favorite character by far.

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Post by imSunshine »

Louise because she is a smart and independent woman.

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Post by kelly60 »

I like strong women and Sarah really stood out to me.
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Post by ayomie »

I can relate more to Pete because it warms my heart to meet people who are so favourably disposed as he is. I was able to learn much from him as well, especially in caring about others.
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Post by Essie_Reviews »

unamilagra wrote:
03 Apr 2019, 23:23
vishu wrote:
03 Apr 2019, 12:50
Larry. Though many might not choose him, his character really stood out to me in the book.
I liked him as well. I liked how he continued to call his wife darlin' even while he was on his deathbed. I was glad that his character was redeemed in the end, especially since he gave his life for their cause.
This. The most fun characters to be with are characters that a hard to root for yet have that indescribable charm about them that shows they aren't as callous as we're suppose to perceive them. His redemption in the end, in my opinion, was totally in character because of this.

Onyinye Excel
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Post by Onyinye Excel »

I liked most of the characters for different unique reasons. I didn't really have a favorite character. It was all based on which attribute we were considering.

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sri varshini303041
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Post by sri varshini303041 »

I think I liked the character of William and Sarah. They made sense to me.

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