Was Larry's accident a "lie"?

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Re: Was Larry's accident a "lie"?

Post by OskaWrites »

I believe it was an accident - it was far too horrible to imagine doing it for the payout. And even if it did result in a lot of money, it also caused a lot of grief and problems. I think it was an accident that had a silver lining.

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Rachel Lea
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Post by Rachel Lea »

It's an interesting theory. Personally, I don't think that Larry planned his injury. The circumstances surrounding the accident just seemed too random to be something that was thought out beforehand. But then, only the author would know for sure. :)
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Post by Miercoles »

Definitely an accident. No one would have planned to get hurt in that way. It was a gruesome injury. It was incredible how calm Larry remained when he gained consciousness, giving final advice to Louise. Based on the words of his friends at the memorial, that ability to manage things was a hallmark of his character.

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Post by a-b-c- »

No, I didn't think it was a lie. He was on the sea in a storm.

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Kister Bless
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Post by Kister Bless »

I think it was an accident because no one can actually cause an accident knowing fully well that s/he will be risking the lives of other people.
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Post by Artizi »

I don't think it was a lie either. I honestly think it happened just as it was explained.
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Post by cornelia_SD »

It was an accident. Nobody would want to lose limbs on a job. It was very unfortunate but it added spice or drama to the story.
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Post by Noosh »

I'm gonna go with accident.
what happened to him was not possible to plan. It happened. If he were to kill himself (in a way that wouldn't count as suicide, of course) he'd do it in a less painful way, I think. Amputation and losing that much blood? no one would plan that.
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Post by Laila_Hashem »

It was unfortunate, but, in my opinion, an accident. I don't even know if someone could do that kind of thing on purpose.

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Areej Tahir
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Post by Areej Tahir »

I think it was an accident but a part of me feels what if, he didn't expect things to get so worse and expected a very quick death?

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