A lawyer's perspective

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Re: A lawyer's perspective

Post by sush_destiny »

A legal perspective definitely adds to the authenticity of Sylvie's claims. Although it is a medicine based book, a legal perspective with thorough research is refreshing.

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Post by IamShing »

Of course, legality is important.
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Post by flaming_quills »

As a law major I get excited when I see anything to do with law in a book but I genuinely think Sylvie's perspective enhanced the book because nothing happens in a vaccum and there's all sorts of circumstances surrounding even the most trivial of things. So it was definitely good to see the legal angle of the discovery of an all-natural cure for cancer.

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Post by Juliana_Isabella »

I think the lawyer's perspective is a refreshing take on this subject. Often, books about pharmaceuticals are written by doctors or people in the industry. I'm aware that everyone has something to gain, but she may be less (or differently) biased because of her different perspective.

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Brandy C
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Post by Brandy C »

I think the legal aspect was needed. The perspective of a lawyer validated the research. Being a lawyer, she knew how to argue the case. A legal stance is needed to take on ”big pharma” and insurance companies. The average person would not know the exact course to take. Displaying the evidence from both sides added to the validity of the story.
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Post by Juliet+1 »

I think the legal perspective definitely enhanced the book. Any substance presented as a "cure" has to go through a long and expensive process, and the assumption is that the substance is artificial. Natural cures are left out of the process. This book surfaces a lot of those issues.

Felicity Granger
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Post by Felicity Granger »

The judicial system is always inextricably linked to historical events - the story is always told through the eyes of the victor and held in the hearts of those involved. Medicine seems to have two diverse factions eternally at war with each other in regards to which is better and safer. It's understandable that not every practice can be okayed as the effects may not be completely understood or accepted. Distributing any and every thing in the name of medicine would have disastrous effects on any group of people and thus the requirement for a set of standards is implemented. Both sides are gonna have differing opinions, so a legal presence to help mediate is necessary. Seeing it from the legal perspective is helpful in this case.

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Post by readerrihana »

I think it helps to bring in the legal perspective. Legalities are also important to know, for example, what are the laws around selling and distributing medicine and using it, and what are people's rights to know their effects.

I think in reality it is important to know all such things.

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