Would you use Beljanski's Cancer Protocol?

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Re: Would you use Beljanski's Cancer Protocol?

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Mbrooks2518 wrote:
04 May 2019, 11:22
If I had cancer, I would try anything that might help.
I think that's the bottom line for most people. If mainstream medicine wasn't helping, I think I'd move quickly to trying something different.

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Post by Charlie19 »

No, I do not use them, but I think that it helps us to properly maintain and take the exact and proper diagnosis because cancer is very lethal.

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kandscreeley wrote:
02 Jan 2019, 11:26
Both! I've already determined, due to prior experiences with modern medicine, that if I got cancer, I would NOT get chemo. I know of several natural treatments that I would try. This would definitely be something that I would stick into my treatment sack.
Think I would agree with you...

Don't like the sound of chemo and I have heard it can actually weaken the body and sometimes people may die earlier than the chemo.

In any case at least alternative methods do not harm but perhaps an expert needs to support their use and application

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I would use them as preventive. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don't think of preventing cancer until it comes, which then leaves them only one choice, and that is treatment.

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