Who is qualified to give advice like this?

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Re: Who is qualified to give advice like this?

Post by JossyMicheal »

A good question people who are qualified to give advise like this, from my oen point of view people who are qualified to give advise like this are those with better experience about life .. Am not saying another person experience about life is better than anyone but we need people to talk to us about their own experience so that we can learn from them. Sometimes take corrections

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Post by Jacquelyn-63 »

I feel like some of these self-help books are motivated by an authors family and friends urging them to share their experiences. These are the diamonds in the rough. Then there are those authors that just do research and it is not really genuine at all. It is sad to see how many self-help books are out there filled with common knowledge and not really helpful information.

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Anyone who either thinks they have found the answer to a certain problem or is arrogant enough to think that their word is law could write a self-help book. All it takes is enough determination to sit down and write a book. There is no real authority to any of these authors except some of their experiences do help with their credibility.

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Post by kmwarren20 »

I really like this topic question. I think that if other people can learn from one’s experiences, then it is appropriate to share them. I assume that this is the goal that the author intended, but there is also a possible motive of money.

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People are always looking for advice. The market is filled with so many similar books I'm not sure that qualifications mean much anymore. I think in my case I would take this kind of advice from someone who had accomplished a goal on my own list.
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I think the author was being authentic when he said he genuinely wanted to help others live a more fulfilling life. I do not think for a minute that his life is perfect, but hopefully if we live long enough we learn from our mistakes - at least some of them!! :lol2: I agree that everyone has a purpose in life. His may very well be to share his life lessons with others in his own unique style. Nothing wrong with getting paid to do what you were made to do...

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Post by Sumansona1344 »

Manali_DC wrote:
04 Nov 2018, 03:20
I really like the topic you have thrown up for discussion because this is exactly what I have wondered every time I see a book of this genre. What makes someone think that their life is so perfect that they can tell others how to live theirs. And how is it that they are so confident about what they need to do in a given situation when most of us are assailed by doubts and uncertainties.
To be fair I think that people who write these have had experiences which have made them wiser or maybe they have put in a great deal of study into human behavior and they think that their experiences can actually help guide a few people in similar dilemmas.
Same. Same. Same.

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