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Use this forum to discuss the November Book of the month "If life stinks get your head outta your buts" by Mark L. Wdowiak
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Re: Impact of the title

Post by godreaujea »

I typically appreciate a witty title, however this one seemed childish and actually turned me off from the book. The concept is good and makes sense, but for a first impression I was not pulled in to read more.

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Post by rogerthat »

The title of the book is unprofessional to me. A self-help book should have a perception of credibility to readers from the book title.

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Post by nomnombooks »

Personally I think the title is rather witty and it definitely catches your attention.I saw some comments about how it was unprofessional for a self-help book but I think the title is what distinguishes this book from the many others on the same topic.
It caught my attention and makes me want to read the book.

Tzara Drusak
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Post by Tzara Drusak »

The title is a powerful attention-grabber, no doubt. It lacks the sappy, already-done feel of most self-help books and the bluntness definitely snaps one back for a double-take. It also has a humorous edge that detracts from the severity, but adequately portrays Wdowiak's intent. He basically dares you to change the circumstances you're in with this slight aggression that has all the power of a midlife wake up call.
And in the end, we were all just humans... Drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald-

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Post by Jessacardinal »

I found myself wavering back and forth between thinking the title was odd, yet quirky and catchy. Ultimately, it intrigued me enough to read the book.
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Post by angiejack456 »

The title of this book certainly stands out. But for me, the visual I was left with was very distracting! It seems to set up the book to be a lighter and more comical approach to self-help and for some that may be beneficial.

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Post by Tobiasblackwell »

This metaphor really hits home hard. We all make excuses ('buts') when life gets us down, but we don't do anything about it.

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Post by Miercoles »

The title is a winner. It encourages the reader to take action. The no-nonsense approach of the title augurs well for the type of advice one would expect in a motivational book.

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Post by Mariette15 »

I like the title, because honestly, the more creative the title is, the more I want to read it. An interesting title usually leads to an interesting book, and it's on my to read list!

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Post by JoLei »

The impact of the title is strong. The meaning alters vastly if you just hear it or if you read it. The use of the word 'but's' infers that the author may want to help the reader stop making excuses or avoiding confrontation. Have you ever been told: "I don't want to insult you, but..." and felt extremely annoyed by the masked insult? Well, maybe you should be just as annoyed with yourself when you say: "I would make a change, but...". I think a title that makes you do a double take, laugh, and then ponder its meaning is a successful one.

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Post by Evie_123 »

I like the fact that it is unique, but it definitely ticks my OCD. I want to correct it so bad!

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Elysian Lilac
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Post by Elysian Lilac »

I really like how the title sounds both silly and serious simultaneously! I've been needing something self-empowering so this just may be the book I need!

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Taylor Danvers
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Post by Taylor Danvers »

The first time I read the title I felt inspired. That statement alone is enough to motivate someone even before they have read the book

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Post by mamilla93 »

I started reading the book after I felt that the title was striking. The no nonsense attitude of the book is reflected in the title. Every other book in the self help section has titles like " Empower yourself" or " be your own master" but, what can get more direct than being asked to get your head out of your butt?

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Rose Harebate
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Post by Rose Harebate »

In my opinion, the title was more like, "if your life is not where you want it to be, wake up and do something about it." I think the title, though written in a funny way, is inspiring and holds a thousand words.

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