What do you think that signing your initials at the end of the chapters accomplished?

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Re: What do you think that signing your initials at the end of the chapters accomplished?

Post by Shola0706 »

To me, it is like new year resolutions. You can make them all you want but the actual doing of those actionable items is a different ballgame.

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Erika Thomas
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I think that society has placed a stigma on initialing something. In work, when it comes to receipts at a store, or charts at a hospital, or any other transfer of responsibility, initialing is used. You initial things when you buy a house or sign any sort of legal document. It imbues a sense of responsibility in a person, which is implemented in this book by signing your initials at the end of each chapter. I took it as me signaling my recognition of my responsibility to now implement the things I had learned in that chapter into my daily life.

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FictionLover wrote:
03 Nov 2018, 07:42
I did not sign my initials because it is impossible to put your initials in a Kindle book. At least in my Kindle.

I did not think it served any purpose because it did not anchor the topics in my mind and just became a rote way of knowing that the chapter was at an end.
Same goes for me. But I think signing that initial was meant for accountability. Still, it didn't feel right to do it.

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Post by Beatus »

The fact that you've picked this book and you've started to read it, suggests that you are aware that you are in need and know what it is and are looking for means to get it. With this in mind, signing your initials you confirm to yourself that not only you have seen the knowledge penned in the chapter but, you've commited to the responsibility of making use of it for the greater good starting with bettering yourself.

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Vivianne Nat
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Post by Vivianne Nat »

I think it meant you are accepting the advice and wants to have a change or improvement in your life. It means you are making a reminder for yourself that it is how you are supposed to act and live.

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Highly Favoured One
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I think signing your initials accomplishes the same effect as saying 'I have read and understood the contents herein'. Sort of like what sometimes happens when signing up to an online service where you skim through (or skip over) the T&Cs but check the "I agree" button. It really depends on a particular individual as to whether to take what they've read seriously or to just brush it off.

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You can't sign on a Kindle, but I pretended.
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Post by zarah_ »

HollandBlue wrote:
02 Nov 2018, 14:34
I found that I felt more obligated to use Wdowiak's ideas in my daily life since I wrote my initials in at the end of each chapter. It also made me stop and absorb what I had read.
I think the input of your initials is similar to signing a contract - you'll have to commit to it. For me it means having to follow through with improving my life. It shouldn't be necessary to heed every advise the author has given but you can use his words as a general guideline.

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Post by nvii_ft »

I never heard of such a thing like this. As far as I know, signatures are often jot down on formal documents or papers that needs authorisation of completion. I think, signing our initials at the end of each chapter accomplished may bring some good. It makes us feel someway accountable, proud and responsible for what we have achieved so far.

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Post by a9436 »

Personally I found it meaningless and too reminiscent of school work.

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Ekta Kumari
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Post by Ekta Kumari »

I did not sign my initials and didn't understand the exact purpose for that. I'm assuming that it meant that the reader understood and was willing to take the advice.
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Post by Itskai88 »

it was a really smart move by the author to keep readers engaged but making a mental note to change ones self regardless would still make reading it valid. i also find making sticky notes and placing them around the house at eye level helps a lot

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Post by Book Lover 35 »

That you are on your way to improving yourself?

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Post by Darlynn_Tebogo »

I think it accomplished getting people getting committed to the ideas they were getting from the book because by signing I felt as if I was taking a vow to say "Yeah, I get this. Whether I like it or not, I understand it. And here’s my initials to prove it.”

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As a self-help book, I assume that should be a kind of commitment to actually help yourself. I see no wrong in it.

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