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Re: Discuss Definition of insanity

Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes »

What the author is suggesting is just the scientific "cause-and-effect" relationship of things. For instance, if you add "one-plus-one" it is guaranteed by the causal probability that if you had been getting the answer of "2" before, then it is axiomatic that you will get the same answer henceforth. The philosophy involved is why would you keep on adding only "one to one" all the time? Why can't you progress to adding "5 plus 5" for a change?
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Post by Jeyran Main »

Of course, once something you try does not work out you have to change your way. Why would it be called insanity is another question in its entirety? The word does get used wrongly most of the time. How can we really define what is insane? Who are we to judge?
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Post by Erika Thomas »

I completely agree with this definition. The author certainly did not make this up, this is a well-known interpretation of insanity with which I fully agree. If you are not getting the results you want with what you are currently doing, then you clearly need to make a change. Only a fool, or someone 'insane', would think they could get different results while continuing to do exactly what they are currently doing.

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Post by Jagiine »

This is the definition of insanity that I grew up with. Thus, I accept it as one of the meanings of insanity. But, with that, I do not think of insanity as losing ones mind or craziness or a mental disorder. If it is insane to continue with a set of actions and expect different results, then so be it. But, acting in such a manner does not say anything about the mental state of the insane person.

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Post by Flowers123 »

I've heard this definition of insanity severally from different authors, and I entirely agree with them including this author. It's not possible to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect to get a different result. It's a simple analogy.

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Post by Theresam »

Sirajuddin wrote:
03 Nov 2018, 00:41
Definitely, I agree with the author on this point that, if we don't get a positive result then there is a need to change our approach or mindset towards the goal we want to achieve.
I agree. It sounds so simple but it really is the only way to make positive change. I really liked this book and the authors straight-forward approach.

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Post by LV2R »

I think that we are constantly in a stage of needing to change. If there are things that we can do that will help us in the long run, we need to keep trying to do them until we achieve the results that we want. I do not think that it is a definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing but expect different results. Tenacity is keeping at something until we accomplish it. We may need to try something different at times to get a different outcome. For example, I think of how I practice a song on an instrument until I have accomplished it. I keep trying and may break a song down to a smaller piece or even play very slow until I achieve it.

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Highly Favoured One
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Post by Highly Favoured One »

What insight is there behind a person doing the same thing over and over? There is something to be said about consistency and persistence. If you want the rock to crumble, get a sledge hammer and hit it over and over in the same spot. Internally it's cracking though from the outward no difference is visible. So again, it depends on the insight behind it.

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Post by Misael »

For me, insanity is when you think that what you are doing is not insane when everyone else thinks so.

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Post by Storm+ »

I agree that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results can be a negative quality to have, especially if the habits you are repeating are self-destructive or harmful to others, but I do not believe that repetition inherently makes someone insane. A person could very easily be trapped in a cycle that they have little to no control over, and, yes, it is their responsibility to try to overcome that, but it does not make them mentally ill. This mentality applies to some cases, of course, but it cannot realistically be applied to most cases, particularly without knowledge of a person's circumstances.

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Post by Beatus »

Insanity may have different meaning in different situations. Also the meaning is dependent on the mindset of the society or individuals involved. This means that, because of the volatility of the two factors mentioned above, the definition becomes volatile as well. Therefore the author can be right or wrong.

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Post by SpencerVo »

A long time ago, I did read something similar to that sentence: "If you want a different outcome, you cannot keep doing the same thing". I wholeheartedly agree with both statements. But to call this insanity is a bit extreme to me, as this seems more like failure of logic and self-deception.
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Post by praisecrown8 »

I agree with your view. Maybe the person hasnt had time to think

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Ekta Kumari
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Post by Ekta Kumari »

Yes, I agree with the concept that assuming doing same things can bring different results is neither productive nor a sign of good decision making abilities. In some way or the other, it indicates a lack of clear thinking. But calling it insanity is a bit extreme; there is a possibility that the person is just directionless or confused.
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Sahar Majid
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Post by Sahar Majid »

I feel like this author drew their definition from that of Einstein's, and it honestly makes sense. It's one thing to keep consistency when you see something working, it's another to continue doing something if it hasn't shown results for a long time. So yes, I do agree with them.

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