Is this book really offensive?

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Re: Is this book really offensive?

Post by Jessacardinal »

I was not offended by this book. I believe the author was attempting to warn readers about his blunt opinions and suggestions on the following pages.
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Rose Harebate
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Post by Rose Harebate »

A straight forward self-help book like this are needed. Otherwise how will the book help you change yourself if it's sugar-coated? I mean you won't know where you have gone wrong if the author is not straight forward.

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Post by SummerWine »

I don't think this book is offensive at all. The author says right from the beginning that he's not here to hold your hand but to give you some tough love through blunt language in order for you to achieve your goals. And in all fairness, some people do need a kick in the behind to move forward. Those who do not care for this type of language have a good indication of what the book may contain from the title.

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Post by Angelina_Bazar »

I do not think that the book was very offensive. Like you said the author mentioned that some of the points may affend people at the beginning of the book. I like how the author was so straight forward and didn’t try to sugar coat any of his points.

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Hillary Isigi
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Post by Hillary Isigi »

I did not find anything offensive in the book. I read it a few months ago as I was looking for a non-fiction read.

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Post by SOkok »

The author wasn't actually offensive, i've read the book several times and i like it.

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Post by Tobiasblackwell »

Agreed. Sometimes, we all need someone to tell us the hard truth for us to grow.

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Post by ChydeanmahE95 »

I did not take offence at all. I feel that the author spoke the truth and tried as much as possible to keep his words fair.
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Post by Bluebird03 »

I did not find anything offensive about the book. Someone put off by being held accountable for your own life actions and those outcome may possible find it to be offensive. Interestingly enough, those are the very ones that would benefit most from this book.

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Post by promise10 »

It wasn't offensive at all, it was just the bitter truth. The author really cared and it showed.

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Post by lisalynn »

Straight talk is best. Just like "Put on your own oxygen mask first" there's nothing wrong with "Acting in your own best interest."

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Post by Essie_Reviews »

I think the title will ward off anyone who would be easily offended. It's the perfect blunt and humorous introduction to the author's tone and intentions.

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Post by SavannaEGoth »

Brutal honesty need not be offensive. If something strikes a nerve or is critical of some aspect of your life and it's clearly not an aspect you're proud of or it's something you want to change than it can be a very helpful wake up call. People shouldn't get so offended by someone's observations, critiques, or advice, even if it's a little blunt or hard-to-swallow. A lack of sugar-coating subject material and being straight-forward with the audience is actually very helpful.
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Post by Renee_Prior1995 »

I don't think this book as offensive, the author aims to speak the truth to help the reader not offend them.
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Post by shravsi »

I didn't find anything offensive. We need such books to feel more human in this time where people get offensive even for your breathing :roll2: :P

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