In what way did this self-help book inspire you

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Vivianne Nat
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Re: In what way did this self-help book inspire you

Post by Vivianne Nat »

Self help books are my thing and i loved every bit of this book. I am so glad i encountered and chose to read this because i can use in my daily life the advices. I am motivated.

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Post by LV2R »

I like the author's definition of success as "getting better at something, improving yourself, or simply feeling better about yourself." I also liked the section on controlling your thoughts which then controls your feelings and emotions. Another thing that inspired me was to be "prepared for an opportunity to be successful in taking advantage of it." This reminds me to be actively ready for opportunities, so when they do come, I am ready to take action.

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Post by yoda4ever »

I found this book to be motivational. It inspired me not to give up on my dreams. It challenged me to try harder and not be afraid to take risks.

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Post by zarah_ »

The author advises not to stress too much about "success" as it is subjective and I think that makes sense. What may seem like a success to me, may not be much of an achievement for others. Which is why I should just focus on my own goals and try to reach it without having to feel pressured to reach it right away.

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Cecil Rhodes
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Post by Cecil Rhodes »

This book inspired me to always be myself. It encouraged me not to blame other people for my problems.

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Post by Jessacardinal »

The book reminded me to stop caring about what other people think about me.
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Post by Bookbrute »

This book helped me not to think negatively because it can have a huge impact on your day to day life. Where i am at this place in life is not anyone's fault but my own. :)

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Post by timd »

I was inspired by the concrete and absolute approach that the author took. I liked the way he defined the identification and classification of the steps that one must take from crawling to walking, and then to running. Dividing things up into logical steps makes it feel workable and provides a structure to base plans and motivation on.

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Post by Paul78 »

Swiftmover07 wrote:
01 Nov 2018, 23:54
The part where the author tells you to start taking responsibility for where you are at in your life. That part really stuck with me because it is true. Every decision a person has made up to this day has lead to where you are at in life... A real eye opener when you absorb the words and let them actually sink in.
I also agree with you of the area of taking responsibility for our actions. I find this to be the starting point of life's turn around.
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