Is it practical?

Use this forum to discuss the November Book of the month "If life stinks get your head outta your buts" by Mark L. Wdowiak
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Re: Is it practical?

Post by ashleyfowler90 » 13 Nov 2018, 10:59

I believe that the advice is very practical. He reminds us multiple times that it is small steps that lead us to larger successes. As complicated humans, many times we over-complicate situations, and it is important to be reminded how simply we can change our situation. His explanation about negative thinking reminded me of things I already know. I know that negative thinking can lead down a path of negative actions, but I needed to be remind of that. I also think it is very practical advice to change your negativity, by redirecting your thoughts. Meaning that when I catch myself thinking negatively, then I redirect my thoughts to another topic or idea. This is just one example of the practicality in this book.

David Koreas
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Post by David Koreas » 13 Nov 2018, 21:18

I believe 99 percent of the things stated in this book are highly practical. They revolve around the human behaviour.

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Post by T_stone » 14 Nov 2018, 09:38

From the free sample on Amazon, I could tell from the writers way of writing that, the author's teachings are very well practicable
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Post by Ever_Reading » 14 Nov 2018, 10:30

I feel the book is practical. Wdowiak writes in a conversational way and at times I felt like I was getting advice from a friend as I was reading. I can't say I will apply all that he says in my life from now on, but I can see some of the advice he gives in the book helping me change for the better.
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Post by fernsmom » 15 Nov 2018, 00:25

I'm sure it is hard to write a self-help book since everyone is different. Everyone has different goals, dreams, problems and everything else. Practical to take responsibility for one's actions or doing something another way if it doesn't work the same way? I'm sure there are many instances of advice that pertain to most people, but probably not all.

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Post by CinWin » 15 Nov 2018, 09:15

I think this book is very practical. You are in charge of your own life. If you don't take control of that responsibility, someone else will and you might not like where they lead you!
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Post by gfowle » 15 Nov 2018, 11:29

I think that the main problem is that each and every individual person is going to have their own perspective about the problems that they face. Even for one person, how we face challenges could change from day to day, depending on a wide range of influencing factors. I don't believe that there is really one catch-all way to approach life.

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Post by duncangerald » 15 Nov 2018, 15:51

I think this is practical in examining how life stinks and to what extent! If we were to view life stinking then we ought to ask the question why do we feel this way? It is obvious the author is trying to convey a message that if you don't like your situation then you should do something about it. Good read :P

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Post by Theresam » 19 Nov 2018, 13:13

I think the advice the author provides in the book is practical. I think his recommendations are helpful and easy to implement

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Post by jhalwix » 20 Nov 2018, 11:42

I think that like all self-help books, they're practical if you follow it consistently as long as the situation you're in allows for that type of thinking.

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Post by vinkipc » 26 Nov 2018, 11:43

I think the authors' advice is helpful, it also depends on the situation you are in. If you are down this book can really place you where you need.

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Post by Lmahle » 28 Nov 2018, 14:46

Cher432 wrote:
10 Nov 2018, 12:42
What I got from the book were suggestions on how to handle situations. If applied, they would probably work as there is sound logic behind every piece of advice given.
I feel like that might have been because most of the pieces of advice were cliches, and cliches become what they are for a reason

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Post by Jacci » 28 Nov 2018, 20:23

It might help though their experience is not the same. Advices are a sort of comfort even if you don't like to take or won't take it, but it makes your heart calm even for a single moment. It makes your mind thinks for the right thing to do.
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Post by MalMartin » 29 Nov 2018, 10:19

I believe that the author's advice is extremely practical. The author's advice is general and he doesn't give you step by step information. Most of the time it was Mark just talking about success and how it looks different to everyone. This means that the advice is up to your own interpretation. If something is already up to your own interpretation doesn't that mean that it is up to you if this advice is practical? Since it is general I can compare a lot of the advice to many aspects of my life. For example, "giving up is the easy way back in" can be applied to anything you are giving up on. This is extremely practical and can be used in many different parts of your life.

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Post by Jacci » 29 Nov 2018, 22:20

Our own interpretation matters. I remember my teacher saying, "if you are reading it with anger- you don't like the idea, but if you are reading it in a calm way- you tend to balance the ideas. 😍🌞

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