Murder or Assisted Suicide?

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Re: Murder or Assisted Suicide?

Post by evan1995muniz »

in a way, when you know when you want to die, how and exactly what time, it makes things harder. People may not want to let go. In a weird way murder would be much better. something that is out of others control.

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Post by trina215 »

Assisted suicide. His feelings were clear on what he wanted

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Post by Sweet Psamy »

As at the TIME, Jeremy pulled the trigger, it was clear he wished to die but alot had transpired between then and when he was in the hospital. It's possible he could have had a rethink and desired to live. Nobody had the right to make that decision for him even when he was in the semiconscious state.So yes, Hiram's should have been tried for murder.People change their minds all the time due to situations and circumstances.

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Post by asere_maryanne »

assisted suicide, there was no way Jeremy would have loved to live again after what he did.

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Post by sonya01 »

I would say that Hiram should have been held responsible for physician-assisted suicide but this thread has set me wondering how his actions would be viewed legally in a real-life courtroom. In view of the circumstances, the sentence of twenty-five years sounds extreme. Just thinking... :eusa-think:

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Post by sarahmarlowe »

Murder was the right charge. Jeremy did attempt suicide, but he failed. Hiram could have assumed Jeremy still wanted to die. However, Jeremy didn't have the ability to ask anyone to assist him, so it was murder. (I still think it was a good move, though.)
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Post by BriennaiJ »

I think that it could have been assisted suicide, but since he wasn't awake, we can't be sure.

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Post by Dael Reader »

Murder. Jeremy was not conscious at the time of death and could not make his immediate wishes known. A person who contemplates suicide one day may change their mind the next. That's why countries and states that allow assisted suicides have strict guidelines and rules on how it is done. Besides, McDowell wasn't just "finishing the job" and "helping" Jeremy end his life. He killed Jeremy because he thought it would be easier and cheaper for him and his family--who now would not need to face a prolonged medical recovery and/or a trial.

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Post by HollandBlue »

This is an extremely convoluted situation, and I think McDowell did it to help Jeremy and agree that he probably should have been charged with physician-assisted suicide; though it is morally wrong to take another's life.
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A G Darr
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Post by A G Darr »

I believe what Hiram did was murder. It is not that he killed his grandson that makes me feel this way, but what I believe were his feelings behind the act. That was not an act of mercy a grandfather was giving to his grandson. Hiram was angry at Jeremy and most likely embarrassed. What Jeremy did was in the news, and taking care of Jeremy would have been a significant financial burden to Ann. That financial burden, in turn, would have become Hiram's since he was helping Ann. There was no purity in Hiram's actions, only a self-serving purpose.

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Post by TheRVMom »

I believe it was murder. McDowell was serving his own personal agenda. There's no way he could have been assisting a suicide because he didn't know exactly what Jeremy wanted at that moment in time. Maybe he wanted to commit suicide earlier (obviously); however, people can change their minds. He had no idea if that happened or not.

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Post by Jacci »

The situation is overwhelming like the movie that entitled "The Mist". The father killed his mother, father, wife and son knowing that there is no hope. Suddenly, after he kill them, the rescuer came. All I can say is murder is intentional and most of the time the shooter is insane.

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Post by ShailaSheshadri »

Jeremy made a suicide attempt, by shooting himself with his dad's gun. Hence, Jeremy's death can't be treated as a murder. But, yes, it is an assisted suicide. Looking at his grandson who was suffering in a vegetative state and seeing no hope of revival, McDowell, an experienced doctor, helped him die instantly by removing his life support system.

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M Zee
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Post by M Zee »

Legally speaking, I'm pretty sure this would be considered a murder charge, especially when it's on camera. Though I don't know how likely an actual conviction would be, given the circumstances.

That doesn't mean it wasn't an "act of mercy" from Hiram's perspective (and possibly the jurors if the case went to trial).
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Post by Loveli »

In my opinion it was murder, but taking Jeremy's wishes and actions into consideration it could also be assisted suicide. McDowell obviously believed he was doing the right thing.

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