Were you offended by the incestuous relationship between Billy and Tasha

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Re: Were you offended by the incestuous relationship between Billy and Tasha

Post by GladdenKay »

I was not exactly offended by it. But the way it started bothered me. Tasha forced herself on to Billie when she knew he was uncomfortable with it.

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Incest is incest regardless of the extent of the relations. There relationship was unjustified. It is against the natural order of things.

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Post by Disneyland »

I could finally appreciate the plot of brother Billie and step-sister Tasha as husband and wife. It depicts a reality of the degradation of society that is far more detestable!

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Post by Ekta Kumari »

I was not very comfortable reading it, and also thought it was very irresponsible of both of them, but at least they ended up well.
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Post by Shalu1707 »

I am not very sure about there situations but still I think they were supposed to be brother and sisters, even if they did not share blood. The relationship was disturbing.

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Post by Jagiine »

I understand where the offense lies. But, incest has not always been frowned upon throughout the many societies on Earth and is still acceptable in some places to whatever extent. Though the society I live in thinks of it as disgusting, amoral, and generally wrong, and though there is scientific research that backs up why it is not a good idea, I do not personally believe it holds inherent offense.

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Post by Whataboutzaay »

They’re not blood so it’s not that serious but they could have did everything differently you know ? I think They were just horny 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

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Post by StelKel1592 »

I don't find it offensive, in that it didn't trouble me morally, but I do think that in terms of general life choices, sleeping with step-siblings seems to be risky!!

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Post by Theresam »

jenjayfromSA wrote:
11 Oct 2018, 06:19
Frankly, I don't see a problem. They were not raised as brother and sister and they are not biologically related. Their parents married and they share a house, which probably neither of them wanted to do. I don't see it as incestuous.
I agree. I didn’t really think of this as an in estuous relationship as I was reading it. They weren’t related by blood and didn’t seem to have been raised as brother and sister.

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Post by KRay93 »

Personally, I did not find it as something that could be considered offensive. Of course, a relationship between step-brothers may seem strange, but since there is no blood relationship between them, we would not be talking about incest. In addition, the strange dynamics of the family and the absence of Hiram as a strong father figure complicated things, especially when it comes to Tasha's personality.

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Post by Moray_001 »

They may not be related by blood but they were related by their parents’ marriage. I feel they should not have pursued a relationship together.

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Post by Melbail »

Keeping in mind Billy and Tasha are not related In any way but by marrage. Howevet odd but not unheard of having this in mind my answer is no. I am not in the least offended by their relationship.

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Post by Highly Favoured One »

There are many ways the story could have gone, and the author had his/her reasons why this particular twist was added into the story. I wish it could have gone differently because relations between siblings or step-siblings doesn't sit right with me at all. Its true that the family dynamics were totally skewed in the first place, but in my view, this just only make a bad situation even more bleak.

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Post by Jessacardinal »

I think the relationship between Billie and Tasha may have been slightly more acceptable had Hiram and Carole already divorced prior to any advancement of sexual relations.
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Post by Tzara Drusak »

This is a constant debate I encounter in a lot of my readings. Most people argue the wrongness of it, claiming any romantic relationship existing in the same place as any sort of familial connection, whether legal or biological, is unforgivable. Personally, I see nothing 'wrong' with. The two parties are not biologically related, so the chances of there being recurring genetic pairing that could cause an abnormality is tremendously slim, which is the point argued by many against these unions.

Another interesting controversial issue is the pairing of, for example, the siblings of a middle party, who are otherwise unrelated.
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