Were you offended by the incestuous relationship between Billy and Tasha

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Re: Were you offended by the incestuous relationship between Billy and Tasha

Post by jibby9 »

I didn't find it incestuous. It may have been a bit unusual or unorthodox but they did not grow up together for long, were not related by blood (and barely through their parents' marriage), and the author mentioned that the Billy wasn't even very close with either of his "sisters"

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Natalie Charlene
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Post by Natalie Charlene »

This is a strange one. On one hand, they aren't biologically related, so part of me wants to keep an open mind. (I watch Game of Thrones without being offended, after all). But on the other hand, they are step-siblings, and it is just a bit creepy. It would be like me dating my father's adopted daughter's son, AKA my nephew. We aren't related by blood, but I can't even come close to wrapping my mind around the possibility. Eww!

At the same time, it is a book, and literature often pushes the boundaries of what is accepted and what makes people uncomfortable. Overall, it doesn't offend me as it is in the story, but I am definitely uncomfortable with the idea.

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Post by charmperit »

For me, it is not incestuous since they are not blood related and do not grow up treating each other as siblings.

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Post by kristine29 »

Hmm.. it depends , if they really do have genuine feelings to each other why not? As long as they come out clean and clear to the people around them then it's fine for me. What I won't be able to stomach is if they only lusting for each other , if they're like that then they're shameless and so much more shameless.

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Joe Hadithi
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Post by Joe Hadithi »

Not so much...other than their parents being married, they had no other connection.

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Post by kemp1kor »

I wouldn’t say it’s offensive as much as inappropriate, since they’re not blood related but are living in the same house as step siblings.

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Post by Franc93 »

Personally, I did not find offense in it. The two were not biologically related nor were they raised as kin in the first place. I bet the author used that situation to highlight the effects of a deteriorated moral fabric and the effects of not being principled, which was the root of that outcome.
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Post by Lynsyn »

Rather than being offended, I do find it inappropriate even though they are not related by blood. In my perspective, a sister must be treated as a sister and a brother must be treated as a brother, nothing more, nothing less. But then again, you can't fully blame them and their relationship due to the lack of proper guidance from their parents because it isn't entirely wrong, just inappropriate.

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Post by cornelia_SD »

At first, yes, it was kind of incestous. But when Hiram and his wife divorced, the two were not related anymore. So, it was okay.

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Post by leanne_brown17 »

I didn't see the relationship between Tasha and Billie as necessarily incestuous, but it did surprise me when Tasha so blatantly came onto Billie. Given that the relationship between Hiram and Carole was obviously cold, I can understand how Tasha and Billie could see each other as much less than brother and sister, more like roommates. It was Hiram's original attitude towards the sexual relationship that disturbed me somewhat. He seemed to have accepted beforehand that Billie would be having sex with either or both of the two step-sisters. I was not under the impression that integrating two families often resulted in the children having a sexual relationship with each other, so his assumption that it would happen took me slightly aback.

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Post by holsam_87 »

It really wasn't incestuous to me, but if they had met as children then I would have had problems with it.
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Post by bdu15062 »

It was something I never really saw coming and I understand people being offended as at first I was shocked to. None of the characters made as big of a deal out of it as I thought they might. But Billy seemed very unsure at first and Tasha kind of bossed him around which I definitely didn't agree with.

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Post by revna01 »

Agreed! I absolutely do not want any of that in my reading material, especially if it's condoned. Gross.

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Post by abbiejoice »

Although they were not biologically related, I feel it would have been more proper if they stayed as brother and sister.

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Post by Sen_Suzumiya »

Well, I've read some books and I've seen some series and movies with that kind of romance. For me, unless they are raised as brother and sister, I don't see a problem, I actually find it logical. If you are a teen or even a young adult and you are forced to share the same house with a (perhaps attractive) person of the opposite sex you might think of him/her that way.
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