What about Sophie?

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What about Sophie?

Post by CatInTheHat »

What do you think about the conflict Sophie had between wanting to hear from her father & helping him, and with being Paige's friend and roommate for a time? And then, of course, Paige is also working with Mac.
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Post by daydreaming reader »

I think Sophie was in a difficult position, in which was wanted what was best for her father, and thought that Paige was her only option.
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Post by bear_6743 »

Sophie was in a difficult position and she never really had her father to lean on emotionally only financially. She comes into contact with Paige who she starts to think is her friend but she is still reserved about her feelings toward her and rightly so.

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Post by jgraney8 »

Sophie appears to be a young woman growing into her personality. A mentor like Paige gives her a model different from the domesticated older women of her family. Sophie seems to be the moral center of the book at times.
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Post by serendipity 27 »

I felt bad for Sophie throughout the novel because she seems so lost all the time. She is constantly being manipulated by the people around her and I think Paige may have wanted to be her friend, but in the end she was more focused on getting information out of her.

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Post by Kibetious »

Sophie seems to be undergoing a lot of struggles in her life. She blames her father for most of the things that have happened to her, her brother and her mother. When June leaves her, she is so depressed that her father had to look for a way to ignite some life in her again.
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Post by LV2R »

It seemed like Paige was Sophie's friend and that Paige did like her, but Sophie probably did not totally trust Paige. Paige wanted information about McDowell and would ask Sophie if she heard from her dad or not. It seems like that would get old, every time Paige met with Sophie, she would ask about her dad.

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Post by KitabuKizuri »

Sophie comes across as one who is trusting and open to reconciliation even though it turns out she was easily used at times. Surprisingly, Paige was also sincere but had no control of the outcome of the information she gathered when it came out in the media. In a way, Paige also made some effort in redeeming herself in the end.

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Post by Bavithra M »

Sophie is constantly cheated by people around her. In my view Sophie seems to be very innocent who trust all people very easily.

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Post by a9436 »

I found Sophie likeable but agree that she trusted people too easily - Paige to not be using her, Hiram for being capable of change, and June... I do wish she had just slammed the door when she returned.

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Post by Moddesser Elahi »

I think Sophie was wise enough to take decisions as per the situation and definitely in favor of Hiram who had been misrepresented.

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Post by fernsmom »

I agree as well that Sophie appeared to be too trusting in the book. You could see the need of her father's love and her love for him in spite of how he had treated her, and his lack of time spent with her. Paige, although at times seemed like her friend, was always wanting information on her father. She always asked "have you heard from your father", or "do you know where Hiram is?".

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Post by Samuel Waragu »

Sophie's position and role in this novel is inevitable and necessary. The conflict she gets herself in helps to enrich the plot and make the plot more authentic.
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Post by Miriam Molina »

Sophie was one lonely person who did the best she could for her father and her siblings. I was glad to see her grab a chance at happiness in the end. She is my favorite character in the story; she is the only one with no ulterior motive.

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Post by acremer »

I think that Sophie was in a difficult position and that she ultimately made the wrong decision in telling Paige that she had been in contact with her father. I feel that this decision inadvertently led to Mcdowell's capture and unfortunate death.

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