Catrin's twin sister?

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Re: Catrin's twin sister?

Post by Wa_hu »

jjmainor wrote: ↑
29 Sep 2018, 22:13
Not quite that far as I'm only 66% through, but yeah, this seemed the most random and irrelevant reveal so far.
It might have some purpose in the next book.

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Post by stalliongirlke »

When an important part of the story just gets mention in passing, it tends to create gaps in the story. I wish the writer did not result to this

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Post by Sweetp120 »

This was totally one of the questions I was left burning with at the end of the story?! my questions to counter this are: what is the significance of her sisters death? if she survived with the spirit of a raven then is her spirit guide raven maybe her sister reincarnated? But the biggest question for me with this was because of how minor it seemed while skimmed over does that mean that its something big later in the book series?

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Post by Literary_Marianne »

Hmm. I don't really remember this being mentioned in the book. Not that it wasn't mentioned, but to prove it really was a minor detail that seemed to be glossed over. Is it or should it be more relevant? Maybe it is foreshadowing what will happen in the next book? :eusa-think:

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Post by Jsovermyer »

I didn't understand why the author added a dead twin. Nothing was really done with her. It didn't seem an important point in the story. I hope that it is developed in the 2nd book and not just left hanging.

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Post by Bavithra M »

I totally forgot about Catrin's twin sister until I saw this post. I think her character glossed over.

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A G Darr
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Post by A G Darr »

Maybe Seren will be referenced again in one of the later books. I'm wondering if maybe Agrona took her and just made it look like she died. It is just too convenient that she passed away after being branded by Agrona, and I can't see the writer just throwing in the twin sister as an off-handed tidbit.

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Post by lavellan »

I noticed this as well! I expected more expanding on her character, but she was only mentioned offhandedly. You would think that Catrin would have mentioned her at some point. Hopefully, the author brings her up again in the later books.

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Post by memalescole75 »

Like most of you, I forgot the mention of Catrin's twin, which seems odd. Why give her a twin at all if she isn't going to play a role in the story. Maybe her spirit is resurrected in the sequel??
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Post by Theresam »

I agree - the twin was barely mentioned and then forgotten. I thought the author should have explored that a little more. I kept thinking it would be discussed again in more detail but it just never came up again

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Post by ReadMe28 »

I hope she is discussed more in Book 2, otherwise I really don't see the point. It was very disappointing how it was glossed over in this one. Being married to a twin, I have seen first-hand how close twins are. For Catrin's twin to die when they were 12, they had to have been very close, and that had to have had a huge impact on the entire family, as it would be devastating for any mother to lose her child, and considering that Catrin and her twin were the King's only biological daughters.

I also don't understand how Rhiannon seems to almost hate Catrin from birth and considers letting her die...her own child! And for her to not mention Seren's death more, considering that she seemed to be the stronger of the two. I also don't understand how King Amren can basically sentence Catrin to death in the end for treason, when she is his only remaining biological daughter and he seemed to cherish her above all others.

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Post by rubinelli »

Catrin's twin was the most random thing in this entire book. This section completely threw me off when reading it. I though I had just missed something from earlier in the book, but no. This piece os information was totally random and completely irrelevant. No matter when the queen said, the existence of Catrin's twin has absolutely no effect on Catrin or her behavior. Catrin herself has never mentioned it. If this brief mentioning of Catrin's twin was meant to be foreshadowing, it was done extremely poorly. The twin's introduction was extremely brief and lackluster. If she ends up coming back in series, I will be extremely upset.

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Post by KCWolf »

Irene C wrote: ↑
29 Sep 2018, 11:56
This character’s introduction was one of the flaws in how the plot was laid out. We first hear about her existence, what, 85% of the way through?

If she is supposed to be relevant to Catrin or Rhiannon, why do we hear about her so late in the plot?

It read to me like a last minute reason added to explain Rhiannon’s attitude during the novel. Perhaps the author didn’t intend that, but it did not come across as a well-planned detail.
My thoughts exactly. I felt that she should have been brought up sooner in the novel; as well as mentioned throughout.

It did seem to explain more about Rhiannon and Catrin's uneasy relationship. It also ties in with the curse in a way.

I do hope the author reveal more about her in the next book, too.
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Post by mamilla93 »

Yes, that is one of the weak parts of the book. It seems completely unnecessary for the plot of the book.

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Post by sush_destiny »

I thought it was quite unnecessary deviations in the book. I mean, it hardly relates to the rest of the plot.

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