Catrin's Parents

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Re: Catrin's Parents

Post by cmabramo »

Rhianon admits in the book that it was just an arranged marriage to combine two "tribes" giving them peace and more security. She loved Trystan and seems to still have feelings for him but has put her duty first and remained loyal to Amren. Given the time period the book is written it would be pretty common for marriages to be arranged based on power plays, truces, etc. Actually I enjoyed the fact that Rhiannon remained faithful to Amren despite having feelings for Trystan because it seems in those sort of settings one or both of the spouses are unfaithful. It was refreshing to read a character that truly put her people first. Although she didn't love him, Amren seemed to have feelings for her and was fair/kind/respectful to her so I'm sure that helped her remain loyal.

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Post by rubinelli »

The king seemed very stereotypical. He was a stern father who had certain expectations of his children. I liked Rhiannon a lot more. I was surprised when it was said that The queen shared the same political power as the king in their society. Her backstory was also very interesting that added depth to the character. However, I felt that Rhiannon acted very out of character after she met Marcellus. Perhaps it was because of the stress, but Rhiannon seemed to have become more twisted and cruel over the course of the book. At the beginning, she was always courteous and polite. But later, when talking to Catrin, she was foreboding and intimidating, even physically restraining Catrin. This change seemed very sudden and seemed out of character to me.

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Post by steigerd »

A marriage of convenience for Amren and Rhiannon. Since Rhiannon is supposed to have power Amren seem disrespectful at times or is this his way of controlling Rhiannon. Trystan should back off, but he keeps pushing Rhiannon to resume their relationship. For the time period, it does not sound reasonable. It was a custom to share your wife with the visitor by come cultures, but I'm not sure about the Celts. To knowingly accept Rhiannon's two daughters conceived by Trystan I think that is overdoing tolerance. Trystan is pushing the situation, and if I were king, I would remove him from the scene.

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Post by mamilla93 »

yes, it is twisted given that he is not the biological father of the two older sisters and him accepting his wife's love for somebody else, but, I think it is conceivable given how common arranged marriages were common for royalty.

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Post by Bluebird03 »

To me, their relationship seemed to be one born more out of respect and need than out of love. I thought her father seemed more concerned with her welfare than her Mom.

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Post by winecellarlibrary »

I think that because theirs was an arranged marriage, they have a mutual respect for each other but there is not true love there. They are both bound to duty and they're doing the best they can given the circumstances.
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Post by Julie-p »

To me is isn't a love relationship, but mutual respect. From what we can see Rhiannon is still very fond Trystan.

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