What did you think of the erotic scenes?

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fredrick otieno
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Re: What did you think of the erotic scenes?

Post by fredrick otieno »

The author might have certain reasons for executing them like he did but i think they just need to be redone.

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Post by mosael »

mosael wrote:
01 Nov 2018, 07:30
AliceofX wrote:
01 Sep 2018, 02:58
To me, that was the most cringe-inducing part of the book. I can't stand when writers try to be all literary and use phrases like, "openly displaying his manly attributes," and, "She was a tight bud opening to his heat." Just use adult words for goodness sake.
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But maybe that's just me. Maybe that would have made the book too adult. What did you think?
I concur that they were absolutely terrible and inadequately composed. It is feasible for an affection scene to be composed elegantly, yet with enough detail to really keep the peruser locked in. I wound up suffocating in shabby doublespeaks.

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Thokchom Alice
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Post by Thokchom Alice »

With the erotic scenes, this book will have selected readers. For me, i prefer romantic scenes to erotic scenes. Romance bring out the intimate emotional feelings. Erotic seems more like physical.
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fredrick otieno
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Post by fredrick otieno »

Could be there is certain group of audience the writer was trying to appeal to, but since this was adult book, adult words were very much appropriate.

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Post by TheRVMom »

I would imagine it is very difficult to write sex scenes in books. I think there is a tasteful way to do it that wouldn't deter even the most "shy" of readers. A few of these scenes though were so corny, cheesy, and cringy. It doesn't deter me from this book as a whole, but it does show this is an area of needed improvement for the author.

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serendipity 27
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Post by serendipity 27 »

I think they were fine sometimes authors have to take creative license with how they describe intimate scenes. Otherwise, it would just be erotica straight out.
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Kalin Adi
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Post by Kalin Adi »

Honestly, I do not like when authors include erotic scenes in their writings. I think most of the time those scenes are completely unnecessary, and the rare occasions they do need it, they are so crude. I just skip those lines.

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Post by adeoye247 »

I don't see anything bad in having an adult content in a book but it shouldn't be so clear and obvious.

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Post by chelhack »

I don't think that the terms or phrases that the author used were a bad thing plus back in those times I am fairly sure they did not speak nearly as you would hear one state in today's world when it comes to sex.
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Post by FionaTZY »

It was admittedly poorly-written and cringe inducing. I feel the author should take them away and make it more friendly to slightly younger readers.

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Post by lavellan »

I agree as well. They could have been written in a less flowery fashion. I feel like a lot of novels with an erotic element build up so much to the sex scenes, but they are often lacking and a bit cringe-worthy.

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Post by kristine29 »

I guess it depends on how the writer wrote the erotic scenes. If it's too poetic or novel it creeps me out. I especially don't like the author's trying to sound it more elegant ,eck! . Just the right amount of poetic for romanticity and blunt ,straightforward words- but not too vulgar- for perfectly setting the erotic mood

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Sunday diamond
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Post by Sunday diamond »

I don't see anything redundant inerotic books. That's why there are different books for different people.

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Post by Theresam »

I didn’t think these scenes were well written and I didn’t enjoy them. They seemed ackward and would put off some readers.

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Post by GretchenLee »

My response is going to be a little bit off-topic from the book itself, but on topic for this question.
In the case of erotic scenes, I don't mind them if they're done in moderation. And when they are done, I prefer them to be as realistic as the characters themselves. Adult talk--sex is messy and awkward and weird, so to have a 'perfect, poetic' moment is highly unrealistic.
That being said, in a book like this, I feel like it fits. The author is a good writer, with a tendency to be a bit flowery in language. So the erotic scenes made sense to be a bit flowery, too. No pun intended.

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