Could it be adapted into a movie?

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Re: Could it be adapted into a movie?

Post by AliceofX »

After a month and over a hundred comments I'm kind of regretting starting this topic. I mentioned the language issue as just one example of why the book might be difficult to adapt, but that's what everyone fixated on with nearly every comment being how it would not be an issue. I had hoped for a more varied debate.

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Post by Ianica »

Language cannot be a major issue as subtitles are there to help everybody interested in watching it besides it is going to be such a great movie with the Celtic and Latin languages are to give the authenticity of the story.

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Post by SammiArch »

Translating it to English would definitely take away from the authenticity. Using the original language with sibtitles would work wonderfully. And who couldn't use some extra reading in their life? ;)
Sammi Arch

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Post by GabbiV »

After what happened with the Percy Jackson movies, I’m always a bit skeptical turning books into movies.

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Post by Sweetp120 »

I think it would definitely be an interesting movie adaptation. The issue with the language barrier I could foresee them picking the Celtic language as the main dialect used making the moments where characters are speaking in Latin have a visual for what is said, since it is set in Britannia and not Rome.
What I would find interesting is how they would plan to shoot the magical or mythical scenes, such as where Catrin and the Raven are speaking or visiting the Wall of Lives. Also how would they project the shapeshifting? I have seen some pretty interesting and realistic shapeshifting and I have also seen some low-grade crappy shapeshifting in movies that came from books such as this. That would be my biggest concern as shapeshifting is important to the druid lifestyle and I feel that the quality of shapeshifting would either make or break the movie because of what it means to the druid culture.

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Post by koechcollins50 »

I would say this book can make a good outlook if adopted in to a movie, but the issue would be the language

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Post by wendos »

The book can make a great movie. The language barrier can be handled by adding subtitles.

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Post by Jsovermyer »

I think it would be a great movie. It has a kind of Game of Thrones vibe. And it is perfectly set up for a sequel.

Farida Bali
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Post by Farida Bali »

It absolutely can and should be adapted for television! It would be really interesting to watch. Language should not be a problem, it can be worked around.

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Post by StormBorn1721 »

They just put Celtic and Latin in italics before the speech and that would not be a problem. I think it would be a great rated R film if it would be adapted.

Bavithra M
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Post by Bavithra M »

In my opinion this book can be adapted into a movie. There is no other issues woth the story other than the language problem. It will definitely make a great movie.
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Post by Theresam »

If the main concern with a movie adaption is the language issue, I think a good screenwriter could overcome that obstacle the subject matter seems worthy of an adaption - as long as the story is entertaining and the characters are interesting it should make a great movie

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Post by writer808 »

Apart from the language issue, i think it would be a great idea. the costumes would be epic.

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Post by ianfrb77 »

Language wise, I think there's no problem if the movie was English, although some Celtic terms or expressions could be used for the original toungue to be fairly represented

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Ayat paarsa
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Post by Ayat paarsa »

I think a classical movie can be picturise basing this novel, it contains all required elements.

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