Overall rating and opinion of "Apollo's Raven"

Use this forum to discuss the September Book of the Month "Apollo's Raven" by Linnea Tanner.
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Apollo's Raven"

Post by angiejack456 » 06 Feb 2019, 01:07

melissy370 wrote:
06 Sep 2018, 18:06
jcoad wrote:
03 Sep 2018, 21:05
I had a hard time making it through the free sample. Seemed like a "Harlequin Romance" meets Hercules kind of thing. I couldn't take it serious. Is it a truly historical fiction or just a corny story that leads to erotic scenes?
I agree with you wholeheartedly. The romance overshadowed any of the historical features. It was all about them hooking up. Unfortunately, I read more than the sample to give it a chance and I wished I hadn't read more. It got worse.
Another reviewer here with the same opinion! I also read more than the sample and I regret it. I had selected this book to read based on the historical component. Unfortunately it seemed like the history was only a front for the deplorable romance. I am rather appalled that so many reviewers would recommend this to teens. Way too graphic for that age.

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Post by bauer_ve » 15 Feb 2019, 23:13

Wow, such a good book! This was such an interesting combination of genres but it worked so well together. The Roman and Celtic people were fascinating & Catrin's mythical powers are an interesting twist. I give it a 4 out of 4 star rating & would highly recommend this to people who like books such as Harry Potter

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Post by Bluebird03 » 26 Feb 2019, 17:30

I would absolutely recommend it- especially to someone that enjoys reading about romance, magic, mystery and adventure. I read this book to review and loved the characters and the plot. There were many twists that I did not foresee. It was a great read! :D

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Post by Ann KENDI » 28 Feb 2019, 04:23

CommMayo wrote:
01 Sep 2018, 11:41
Unfortunately, I didn't think that the characters were very believable and had a hard time connecting with this novel. I think the author needed to decide if this was a young adult fantasy novel or one aimed at a larger audience.

I agree with you... That the characters are far much removed from reality and are hard to believe.

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Post by mamilla93 » 05 Mar 2019, 20:34

I gave the book a rating of 3 out of 4 stars. The story is surprisingly good the the main character of catrin is well developed. However, the characterization of other characters like Rhan and Marcellus is weak and puts you off the book at times.

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Post by sush_destiny » 21 Mar 2019, 18:47

I give the book a rating of 3 out of 4 stars. The elements of magic, shapeshifting added to the charm of the book. But, some of the characters like Marcellus, Rhan could have been better developed.

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Post by amjohnson13mommy » 09 May 2019, 10:58

Was told by another member that I might enjoy this book because it is Stephen Kingish. Is this correct?

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Post by kelseydwf » 05 Jun 2019, 12:31

This book seems like a well-rounded mix of history, fantasy, and romance. I'm not always a fan of just one of these genres on their own, but it sounds like a nice combination. I like a realistic romance, however, and I don't know how much this book illustrates that.
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Post by magnoparisi » 07 Jun 2019, 19:42

Apollo’s Raven packs a powerful punch with healthy doses of romance, political intrigue, sorcery, mythology, betrayal and sacrifice. The characters are fully developed and relatable. I recommend it to readers who are looking for a sweeping fantasy. Pretty decent book.

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Post by VernaVi » 11 Jun 2019, 18:38

My overall opinion of Apollo's Raven is that it had potential that it didn't live up to. The main characters were well written, but there were so many problems throughout the book with secondary characters, that it affected it as a whole.
I won't recommend it to others to read.

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