Is Toni the Superhero a Mental Health Motivator or a Millennial Menace?

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Is Toni the Superhero a mental health motivator or a millennial menace?

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Is Toni the Superhero a Mental Health Motivator or a Millennial Menace?

Post by Sara Kay » 25 Oct 2018, 10:45

Reading this simple children's book, I became aware of the many hidden facets of its message. I particularly noticed the various possible morals of the story.

The first angle is that our little superhero could be a cover boy for a treasured Millennial mindset. The book focuses on all Toni's likes and the everyday tasks that he does, although the tasks aren't that remarkable. Does this augment the Millennial belief that everyone is special and successful - even heroic - by just existing? Does it siphon the richness of heroism down to "Winning by Participation" in life?

On the other hand, Toni could be someone who actually struggles to do the basic everyday tasks that we take for granted. For example, he could be a child with mental health issues. Therefore, doing simple deeds such as reading a book or swimming with other children would seem gargantuan to him. His accomplishing them would definitely be worthy of the word "heroic". In this new light, Toni the Superhero becomes a source of inspiration for other children suffering from mental health issues. It provides them with a chance to recognize that they are heroes for facing those daunting daily tasks.

I leave the conclusion to you, my fellow Book Club enthusiasts. Is Toni a mental health motivator or a millennial menace - or something else entirely?

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