Outdoor Play versus Electronics

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Re: Outdoor Play versus Electronics

Post by Oulababe »

I think electronic play is okay as long as it's controlled by an older person. Outdoor play is also very healthy for kids and Toni is a good role model.

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Post by Aaliyah2 »

I do believe that most kids belonging to this generation are exposed to technology way too much and they’d rather sit on their electronics then play outside. I feel this book and just reading in general will help them to dissociate from electronics once in a while to focus more on their wellbeing and getting outside more.

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maricar opulencia
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Post by maricar opulencia »

i think children spend too much time on electronics than playing outside.

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Post by klballard »

I think children spend too much time outside. Luckily, our kids love to play outside (it helps that we don’t have a TV). Even so, when we visit someone who does have a TV, the kids are mesmerized by it and they start to cry when we have to leave because they have to stop watching it!

I’m all for less TV, more time outside, and more time with a book if you’re inside.

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Post by pathiyilprasanthi »

I think if we utilize the electronics to promote the fun in outdoor activities, it can create interest in children and thus plan to spend more quality time outdoors that sticking inside the house. Movies and games which emphasize the actual joy in being an outdoor person can help.

Amelia Suratos
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Post by Amelia Suratos »

You cannot blame the children nowadays if they are always attached to electronic devices because this is what defines their generation. I think it is much appropriate if the parents will do their job to teach their children to find the balance between their love for gadgets and the need to do physical activities.

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Post by ShareTheGift »

bb587 wrote:
02 Jul 2018, 07:49
My niece likes playing with electronics, but she'll drop everything if there's a chance to play outside. Electronics are a part of their future. I think all interests should be encouraged and nurtured. If a child likes watching movies discuss the movies afterwards, act them out, or have them write/tell their own version.
I agree that all interests should be encouraged and supported. Finding a balance should help children with strength in physical and mental areas and have them become more well-rounded.

Just as those who play music seem to be able to focus on studying better, those who spend time in sports and with electronics will understand winning and losing concepts.

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Post by HollandBlue »

In general kids today seem to play too much with electronics. During nice weather there are no sounds of children outdoors playing. It's very sad; I hope that 'Toni the Superhero' encourages parents to get their kids outside.
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Post by Juliar252 »

I think it is incredibly important for children to learn how to play. Whether it is outside, inside, alone, with friends, or with siblings, children must learn how to use their imaginations and develop a sense of creativity to entertain themselves with rather than just watching TV. While TV and video games can be fun, they should not take up most of a child's free time.

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Post by Kgaelsdottir »

I've seen this, too...any book that shows a kid doing more than being attached to a screen--of whatever size--is something I'd like to advocate. I remember (I'm 46) us running around in packs in our neighborhood, and we knew to go home at dusk for dinner--and the family sat and ate together. Only THEN, after homework, were we allowed to watch television. That was when cable television had just been introduced, but people still usually had only four channels in the US: ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS. I'm feeling really old as I think about this--and how kids are being depicted these days...
llpwap wrote:
02 Jul 2018, 09:43
It was refreshing to read about a child that didn’t have a phone or game controller stuck to his hand. I have seen kids sit in the same room and text each other instead of talking to each other. I hope that reading this book and some good examples set by parents will encourage children to play outdoors instead of in the house all day.

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Post by sirrichie »

Things changes and its good to change along with it but with proper observation and control. Gone are the days kids prefer playing outdoors. Technology has changed a lot of things. But in as much as we should grow with the trend of technology I still believe reading and out door games should be encouraged

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Post by Samantha Powell »

I think the fact of the matter is electronics are not going anywhere. We use them on a daily basis, multiple times a day, for a number of reasons.

I believe allowing children a certain amount of time with them is pretty much crucial. Otherwise, as they age they are likely to be left behind, which no one wants for their child.

Do I recommend kids to have total control over their tech gear. Of course not. They need to go outside, climb trees, play tag and all that other good stuff.
But, there must be a healthy balance, and parents need to take time to recognize what is best for their specific child.

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Post by Mumanyi »

Hell yes! Most kids nowadays the best they can do is play video games and watch TV. The author's intention is to get them out and do physical activities.

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Post by BeatrixPotter »

Interesting observation.

In general, many children are spending too much time indoors and on screens. It's good to see healthy outdoor activities illustrated in this story, imo.
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Post by teevic_o »

It's hard to separate children from their electronics. But let's not kid ourselves, sometimes it's even hard for us too. I think electronics makes a very tough competition compared to the outdoors. A lot of services are now available online, from education, to jobs, to books, shopping etc. Some outdoor time should still be encouraged anyway.

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