Why is da Vinci’s name on the cover?

Use this forum to discuss the June 2018 Book of the Month"The Girl Who Knew da Vinci" by Belle Ami
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Re: Why is da Vinci’s name on the cover?

Post by Jsovermyer »

I think it was a very smart tactic to get the book noticed. It makes people think of the Da Vinci Code, which was a very successful movie. And I agree with the previous poster who said that the Da Vinci painting is the thread that holds the story together.

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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ »

I don't think that it was unethical. But yeah I guess it has been highly used for increasing the sales of the book.

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Post by serendipity 27 »

I guess it's a version of click bait for books like they do on internet videos. For those history buffs who love reading about da Vinci, this would immediately grab their attention. It's a smart ploy and the author needs to do what they can to grab the readers attention. However, it is not just a ploy in that his character's actions are integral to the plot of the story.
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Post by Theresam »

I think it was because the painting they were searching for was a DaVinci . I think it may have caught the attention of more readers/buyers since DaVinci is so well known and familiar

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Post by Robby Chandra »

the name leonardo davinchi has a great attraction as a scientist from the Renaissance era, who doesn't know Davinchi, I think many people know about it and this is a magnet for the title of a book.

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Post by Hiruni Bhagya 81 »

It can be considered as a marketing strategy to include Da Vinci's name in the title for he is world renowned person. But, we can't fault the author for this as the missing painting was done by Da Vinci and it's the piece holding the threads together.

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Post by supernatural143 »

The author of "The Girl Who Knew da Vinci" is using da Vinci's name as a marketing strategy but it is not unethical. The plot of the book revolves around the lost da Vinci painting, but anything from da Vinci's life was not even discussed. The title is a bit misleading as to what a reader first think upon reading the title and what he could read in the contents.

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Post by dcw »

I don't think that it's unethical to use da Vinci's name on the cover. I think it was used to reference the missing painting in the storyline. But, I guess, it certainly wouldn't hurt marketing either! :lol:

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Post by Chipochashe »

I think da Vinci's name there is simply used as an attention grabber. Since the story is centred around the artist's missing work, it may be a fitting marketing strategy. I had also hoped the book would be about day Vinci's art, but instead it is a romance.
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Post by AlexisLib »

I think using da Vinci in the title works with the plot, and yes it is also marketing. Marketing isn't necessarily unethical. I was more bothered by all the Harry Potter rip-offs that appeared after the success of the first book. Did you know that there are publishers that hire people to write books like that? Sometimes they are teams of people. Often these publishers are called book packagers and their sole purpose is to make money. But I digress. This book also takes advantage of "The Girl Who (or With)..." books. But I never felt like the title was gratuitous or didn't relate to the story, and I did feel that the story was original, not just a rehash of The Da Vinci Code.

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Post by Jajachris »

Whether the name of Da-Vinci was there as a marketing strategy or not, I don't think it is a completely bad Idea. There have been a lot of books using that name and there will be a lot more so there is nothing unethical about it.

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