Why is da Vinci’s name on the cover?

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Re: Why is da Vinci’s name on the cover?

Post by Sunnyroyish »

The story of this book revolves around the incident of a missing painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. So, the title consisting the name of Da Vinci is not a surprise to me. Though the author could have used another name instead of using Da Vinci. So, I think it is there to make the book stand out.
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Post by joycechitwa »

True. The title is almost misleading. I thought it would be about Da Vinci's girlfriend or something.

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Post by FictionLover »

I loved the History/Art history angle of this book. I don't have a problem with using him or his likeness. The whole plot was about recovering one of his paintings, so I say it was fair game!

Besides, Fioretta was the Girl who knew da Vinci, and Angela was a reincarnation of Fioretta, so it works for me.
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Post by jcoad »

The fact that it was her relationship with da Vinci, that led to the painting, that led to the story and you can understand how they can justify his name on the cover. The fact that the cover looks quite a bit like the Dan Brown book is what I don't like. I also think you could have come up with many other relevant titles that did not include da Vinci so I think there was more marketing that book content in the title.

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Post by dbulkley »

Having da Vinci was risky for sure. My first thought was of Dan Brown’s novel, which I wasn’t that crazy about.
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Post by HarleenQuinzel »

I do believe the title could be taken as slightly misleading. It’s definitely a marketing strategy and it’s one that works! Da Vinci is a household name.

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Post by Britty01 »

cristinaro wrote:
04 Jun 2018, 07:57
Dael Reader wrote:
03 Jun 2018, 10:00
I wouldn't say there's anything unethical about it. The name is in the title because the "alleged" missing painting by da Vinci is a thread that holds the storylines together.
You may be right about that, but think of the resemblance between the cover of this book and that of Dan Brown's book. Such a resemblance coupled with da Vinci's name in the title induces the idea that the two books are similar. In this case, fans of Dan Brown would be quick to check it out. I did the same only to discover they are completely different in terms of the writing style as well as character and plot development. This is the reason why I called it a potential marketing strategy and I wondered whether it was ethical or not.
As the real Fioretta and the Medici family were known to Da Vinci, I can understand why it would be in the title.

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Post by jessinikkip »

With all kinds of books like The Da Vinci Code, it's a risk to throw DaVinci out there for risk of bringing about that impression. But then those kinds of books also add to the appeal. When reading the title and then the summary, that wasn't anything like what I expected of the book when reading the title. I think it would have worked better with using either a different artist or different title.

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Post by amandathebibliophile »

I don’t think it’s necessarily unethical— a little tricky perhaps, but it worked on me! I was reeled in by the title and found I loved the story, even though it wasn’t centered around da Vinci. I mean, by the fact that his secret painting was a featured prop of the plot, I suppose he indeed played more than a minor part.

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Post by Agbaeze Chika20 »

The da vinci is used as a logical means to market its product for its famous name

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Post by Bookcool123 »

First and foremost Da Vinci is a very prominent figure in the Renaissance period. Up to this day, he still holds his status quo why he was revered during his time. The author just made it very catchy for the would be reader. The title itself speaks for the rest of this book's storyline.

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Post by mtsnel006 »

There is catch behind using this historical icon's pic on the cover. A lot of people know about him, and probably a whole lot more would have liked to meet in person...so they would be interested in knowing about the girl who knew da Vinci.
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Post by Dusamae »

Since the story revolved around the painting I do think it was reason enough to use his name. He was the friend of Fioretta that painted the much sought after painting. I thought it was a wonderful touch to think of a painter starting his career with great friends and creating a wedding painting for his friend. It made him more human than the painter of today. I would say ethical.

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Post by Hollyrobb42 »

I think it’s fair to use it since there is some relevance. Yes, it may be s marketing strategy but then again, would it have much effect? I don’t know about everyone else, but it wasn’t that, that made me want to read the book. Maybe other people would be more likely pick it up though.
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Post by pixiequeer »

I don't think there's anything unethical about it.

The book is literally about a supposed missing da Vinci, and it was painted by da Vinci for Fioretta (the girl who knew da Vinci, literally) which also reincarnated into Sophia and Angela. The whole plot of the book was about Angela and her reincarnations finding the lost da Vinci. The title just makes sense with what the book is about.

Also with those of you saying the title is misleading due to other books and titles, the author does state that her book is inspired by The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro. So she did give them recognition.

Therefore, whether or not it is a marketing tactic is irrelevant.

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