Overall rating and opinion of "The Girl Who Knew da Vinci" by Belle Ami

Use this forum to discuss the June 2018 Book of the Month"The Girl Who Knew da Vinci" by Belle Ami
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "The Girl Who Knew da Vinci" by Belle Ami

Post by Swat3737 »

Though I enjoyed Belle Ami's writing style, I was very disappointed in the lack of mystery in the novel. Angela and Alex really only did one interview, with Fioretta, to investigate, all their other clues came from Angela's vision. I also really was excited for more research on the Medici family and the symbolism of the painting, but that wasn't there. The love scenes were excellent though!

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Post by Literary_Marianne »

The overall storyline of the book was my favorite. I liked it because it was different and new. We all read here of course...and often...and I have not read a book yet with a plot like this. I also enjoyed the setting and imagery used to describe the scenes. I dream of going to Italy someday so it was exciting to read about! Living in a beautiful house on a vineyard with three dogs in Europe?! Yes, please.

I am not a fan of romance so my least favorite part of the book was the romance. It felt really cheesy at times. Everytime Angela had a vision and became upset, Alex would be so upset with himself and promise he would protect her better "next time". But then next time rolled around and he would berate himself again! Come on, Alex. This is clearly out of your hands.

Still a good story! :D

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Post by Amy+++ »

I can't stand it when books repeat themselves either. As long as the story is good I can look past it.

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Post by 1ditzyrn »

I enjoyed the mystery element in The DaVinci Code, and wonder if this is similar. I will have to see if I can find a free copy on Kindle or iBooks, as the premise sounds interesting.

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Post by JoieDeLivre »

I really liked it. I was put off by the paranormal aspect at first but then was kind of swept away by the mystery. After that, the paranormal parts became less important than finding out what would happen.

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Post by json2500 »

It is an awesome book, during reading this book you feel like romance and mystery. Images are placed in this book with perfect imagery.

In the spirit of the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and the Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro, blended with an unforgettable romance. The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci by Belle Ami unravels a compelling mystery with an emotional love story.

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Post by ObsessedBookNerd »

I haven’t read the novel yet but based on reviews it seems like an interesting read. I love romance books so I might give this book a try.

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Post by Power Onyango »

I think the novel was a fair book and I would give it a rating of 2 out of 4 stars. I was marvelled by the art The drawings are excellent. I would recommend it to lovers of romance and artistic works.

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Post by Georgialouise »

I haven't read this book yet but, after having read the reviews for it, I will definitely be adding it to my TBR list!

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Post by sanykip »

It is an interesting book, the fact that it falls in the art of romance and mystery, it drawn me into reading it. i loved the plot of the book and really recommend it to other people to feel the mystery in it.

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Post by bookdragon7 »

I very much enjoyed reading this book. I was very happy I chose it for the first book I was to review for this website. I loved how the different elements in the story were so very well put together. It was definitely a page turner for me. The only thing I didn't like is that we didn't get to see more of the past relationships. I would definitely read a book about those. The characters were well developed and the story unfolded naturally. I would absolutely recommend this book to others!

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Post by JoieDeLivre »

I quite liked this book. I was definitely thrown by the paranormal aspect, but felt that the mystery therein quickly superseded its importance in my mind. I would absolutely recommend it to friends that enjoy mysteries, art, or history.

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Post by istarlin »

The book is intresting which follows themes of art,romance and mystery.the most attractive thing is the unique plot it is really perfect.i would absolutely recommend it to friends that enjoys mysteries arts and romance

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Sharon Talbot
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Post by Sharon Talbot »

I was put off by the teenage/fanfic style of writing. The style would be fine in an online story, such as the ones involving characters like the BBC's "Sherlock" or even "Dr Who", but not serious literature. The plot was all over the place and each scene seemed like an excuse for some quick yet dangerous snogging with a reckless lover! The whole time travel idea was even more confusing than Kurt Vonnegut's much better-written Slaughterhouse Five.

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Post by chelhack »

I gave
The Girl Who Knew da Vinci
a 4 out of 4 stars rating and if I could have given them more and or extra stars I would have
Chelsea N. Hackett

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