Natalie's Character Growth

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Re: Natalie's Character Growth


Natalie is a charismatic character. Her concern for those around her is admirable.

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Natalie has been a great character throughout the book. Though some changes took place she was still likable in all forms.

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I think Natalie's childhood shaped her character as it developed in the story and the only thing that surprised me was that she was still having an affair with Mr. Glover at the end of the book and that his wife knew and was okay with it.

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azerikaj wrote:
08 Apr 2018, 13:37
I thought it was all fairly believable till it all got wrapped up in a big shiny bow at the end.(I mean, I could even buy it more if the couple takes her family off to, say, Melbourne, to live, because Rosemary had her own bf) but the idea that all that could happen and the neighbors and the wife and everybody just lets them all drift in domestic routine...just, not really. Right? And I wanted her to be happy, so last night, I tried hard to believe it. I still don't, though, not down deep.
I thought the book was great, though, one of the best I've read on this forum.
I agree that it wrapped up neatly. That's why I think Libby should have fallen in with Alex. I figured Alex's sorry job of fixing the bridge would come undone as Alex shoved the cow and the two of them would go out together. Libby would be the unfortunate cost of her affair. Of course, there were the cost of Teagle and Alex finding out about her secrets. Yet, with both of them dying, none of the consequences feel real. Each is too brief.
“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme” - Mark Twain. Dare we say the same thing about every story that gets told in the world?

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