How did you feel about the ending? (spoilers)

Use this forum to discuss the March 2018 Book of the Month, "Final Notice" by Van Fleisher.
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Re: How did you feel about the ending? (spoilers)

Post by MollyEnter »

I really did not like the ending and it seemed forced. Was the author just looking for an easy way out at the end? It felt like it. The whole story was just anticlimactic to me.
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Post by shidawn »

I think my biggest issue with the ending was that Rasha just went along with it. She seemed like a smart woman. Trudi also seemed like a smart lady up until that point. I really felt like it was out of character for both women.

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Post by ValBookReviews »

Huh! I do not like spoilers, therefore, I cannot justify myself to discuss it.
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Post by CheyenneR »

I liked the ending. I felt that, at first, it was going to be predictable and sad but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't see it as being too cliche either so it was a nice medium. I did feel that for what both Vince and Trudi planned, they seemed awfully carefree after everything that happened. I assumed that maybe there would be some guilt.

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Post by chupke07 »

I thought the ending was a huge character shift that had no real explanation. Trudy is constantly upset by shootings she hears about in the media, but is fine with starting a major shooting that results in death of innocent people. Why would Rasha go along with it? She came to America to avoid dangerous conflict, but is willing to risk her life and leave her child without a mother over this? She also risks being deported if they had been caught putting herself back in the terrible war zone she fought hard to leave. That part of the story just simply doesn't make sense for the characters involved.

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Post by Jillpillbooknerd »

The ending felt very different from the rest of the book to me. It just seemed so over the top and unbelievable.

Jessica Reehl
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Post by Jessica Reehl »

Very unbelievable. I'm sure there would have been cameras everywhere to show what really happened. But, lots of the things that happened in the book had me saying "oh, come on" in disbelief. I know it was all used to advance the plot and meaning of the book but I definitely agree it was not very believable. I still really liked it, though.

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Post by kelvinmwaniki17 »

I really did not like the ending it didn't make any sense to me and it it was quite different from the rest of the story.

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Post by Renu G »

I found the ending too dry and lacking emotion. It was quite unexpected.

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Post by KCWolf »

I just thought that the ending was mean to be farcical and tongue-in-cheek rather than to be taken too seriously. It makes us realize that if things get out of hand, we revert to the days of the Wild West. And, any day could end up with a "shoot-out at the OK Corral."

It's just one more way that the author shines his flashlight on these hot topic issues.
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Post by Karenshinn1959 »

I was disappointed by the ending of Final Notice. To me, it did not fit with the flow of the narrative of the book, and seemed outlandish. While I didn't care for the ending, the book was thought-provoking. It certainly raises many questions for consideration regarding gun control, violence in our society, immigration; all current social concerns. It made me think about my own views. It makes the book important in my opinion.

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Post by eastandalchemy »

For me, the ending was just too unbelievable. Trudy caused a mass shooting and somehow went unnoticed and unpunished? I agree with what was said above that it's even more unlikely that Rasha would have gone along with such a radical plan in the first place.

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Post by kelseydwf »

I agree with others that it seemed a little far-fetched and glorified. I understand that it is all fictional, but it takes away from the realistic quality of the book. I personally don't approve of fighting violence with violence, and while I appreciate the irony of the shoot-out at the NRA event, I think this could have been portrayed in other ways that align more closely with the personalities of Trudy and Rasha. Additionally, in the whole book, Vince is the only one who received a final notice but was still able to beat death. The parallel with Trudy beating her illness was heart-warming, but not terribly realistic either. I was a little unsatisfied with the ending, to be honest, but I felt it did tie the book together nicely.
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