Vitaltech-How much responsibility do they have?

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Re: Vitaltech-How much responsibility do they have?

Post by mac83 »

I think they should be held responsible to a degree. Being told you're going to die from a watch is impersonal and there isn't someone around to gauge how the individual is handling the news. At least in a doctor's office, there's a human there. Add in a lot of the people weren't telling anyone that they received their final notice. Vince didn't even tell Trudi about the watch he got from the doctor when he received it. I think telling people they need to get in touch with their doctor as soon as possible and a 911 notice on the watch would be better than telling them it is their final notice. They would still have time to situate things. There could even be a disclaimer that they agree to contact the doctor as soon as some notice would appear alerting them to seek medical attention.
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Post by Alicia09 »

I don't think that Vital Tech was responsible at all, because there were many patients who received their final notice and chose to die peacefully. There was even a chapter somewhere in the middle of the book that described a woman receiving her final notice, and instead of trying to seek revenge, she spent her last days saying goodbye to her family, and donating all of her possessions. Then the chapter closed with the author stating that sadly, the FBI and the public would probably never hear about all the people who spent their last days peacefully before receiving their final notice.
In regards to the murders, I think the responsibility fell solely on the murderer because they took advantage of the fact that they would not be alive to face any consequences.

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Post by Jessacardinal »

I feel the Final Notice is identical to receiving the same news from a doctor. I am curious whether any statistics exist regarding the use of guns (or other weapons) to commit crimes by those given verbal notice of impending death straight from a doctor. Many times, the patient still goes home to finalize affairs and pass in the comfort of their own home. The patient would have access to weapons at this time as well. I imagine someone somewhere must have committed a similar crime after receiving bad news from a doctor.
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Post by Renu G »

Although the role of VitalTech has been watered down, I think they have the greatest responsibility.

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Post by Namaste23 »

I think VitalTech should have tested out the final notice in a different way. They could have done it in a more controlled environment somehow. It was good that they started screening their participants, but it still needed to be much more thorough.

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